You can see a person wearing a head protection  in front of a container You can see a person wearing a head protection  in front of a container

Value-Added Services Ocean Freight

Adding to the transportation process of your ocean freight, value-added services assist along the entire supply chain. They contribute towards the successful delivery of your goods from door to door.

Support along the Entire Supply Chain

Support along the Entire Supply Chain

Ocean freight transport does not begin and end at the port. Our specialists at Rhenus Singapore can assist you along the whole transport journey regarding handling, documentation, customs clearance, insurance, or digital and express services. You can choose from a wide range of additional services for your cargo.

Value-Added Services for Ocean Freight

Ocean Freight Handling

Rhenus Singapore repackages or resizes your shipment fitting to your needs. It is vital to understand all specifications for handling various cargo type. Repacking your cargo in seaworthy packaging is essential to meet the conditions of maritime transport. Rhenus Singapore assures the security of your shipment and meets professional quality and handling standards. Our specialists are ready to provide quality service for any category of cargo repacking operations.

You can leverage our modern and secured indoor and outdoor storage facilities at port locations globally with our flexible warehouse solutions. Our highly qualified employees can handle all types of cargo and modern equipment safely and skillfully. For shipment with various sizes and transportation duration, Rhenus Singapore provides you with storage for many days directly at your local Rhenus branch near the seaport. You can also arrange for longer-term storage through our in-house contract logistics specialists.

Rhenus Singapore provides you monitoring options for your ocean freight shipment to assure the security of your cargo. Our unique equipment offers logistics quality control and the opportunity to observe the transportation processes to gain insights such as the goods' conditions during transit, warehousing, material handling and packaging. With unique technologies like sensor technology supplied by our well-established cooperating partners, Rhenus Singapore can track your cargo with sensors include GPS position, temperature, and light. Furthermore, we monitor the acceleration and pressure of the cargo transported along with your shipment and geo-fencing, as well as preserved integrity.

Rhenus Singapore provides an efficient sorting solution based on your requirements. Your cargo is arranged in the order in a specific area in our warehouse. Our highly qualified staff in the picking area collects the sorted goods and process the order. Rhenus Singapore assures adherence to delivery dates and handling of the flow of your cargo.

Rhenus Singapore attached additional labels to include product information to the cargo as per your requirements in a fast and uncomplicated process. Our experienced and established system helps to avoid delays and ensure efficiency, transparency, and process control along your supply chain.

Regardless of which transportation mode you chose for your goods, they need to arrive in the desirable condition and meet all relevant requirements. Rhenus Singapore performs an additional shipment inspection to provide you with a professional review regarding the quality, quantity, labelling, packaging, and loading of your ocean freight. We aim to help you meet quality standards, technical specifications, and contractual requirements for your shipment.

Rhenus Singapore ensures the efficiency, functionality, and stability of your shipment. We placed loose cargo boxes (including shrink-wrapping) on a pallet following common air freight transportation standards. Smooth stacking and unstacking of your cargo ensure quicker handling of your shipments and minimise damage from moving your freight to allow efficiency.

Rhenus Singapore removes unnecessary markings such as labels indicating the actual vendor of your goods. Furthermore, we ensure that your delivery documents are attached. We remove unnecessary labels, unpack and neutralise your entire consignment and repackage it before forwarding. Rhenus Singapore makes sure that the packaging of your cargo and the set of documents related to your ocean freight shipments are in accordance with your requirements.

Rhenus operates a convenient e-booking system for sailing schedules and live information of the shipments before departure. This helps avoid roll-overs and delays.

E-Solutions for Your Ocean Freight

Rhenus Singapore provides access to a customised dashboard catering to your shipments. This dashboard enables convenient monitoring and reporting of your main logistics KPIs. Rhenus Singapore provides you with dedicated KPIs, graphics and world maps to analyse your shipment flow and reports about your air freight shipment status, transit times and more. Through the dashboard overview, you can observe your shipment and have everything under control.

To automatise your business processes and provide seamless services, Rhenus Singapore connects your IT systems to our own allow convenient exchange data of like shipment orders or status codes. The transfer of structured data from one computer to another using accepted message standards enable you to receive the message without any human intervention. Rhenus Singapore provides better data quality, minimises error and accelerate the entire transaction process.

Document Solutions for Ocean Freight Shipments

Rhenus Singapore provides swift and reliable deliveries of your private and confidential documents across different countries through courier service. This additional service provides you with the opportunity to track your mail and guarantee proof of delivery.

Rhenus Singapore issues a proof of delivery (POD) for your ocean freight shipment and forwards it to you via postal service instead of sending it electronically. POD is an essential document in your transport process as it certifies that your shipment has delivered successfully.

Rhenus Singapore offers customised reports based on KPIs for over a period based on your request. We help you run your business more efficiently by providing you with all the information about your shipment in individualised reports to help you manage your data for decision making. Rhenus Singapore offers flexible services according to your requirements, be it data to fill in your Excel reports or your portal.

To ensure we comply with your requirements, Rhenus Singapore also provides a print copy of your invoices via postal service if you are still not ready to switch to e-invoicing.

Express Solutions for Ocean Freight

Rhenus Singapore provides a variety of delivery and express pickup services for your urgent ocean freight shipments that need to be on a vessel or a destination as soon as possible. We ensure faster pickups and deliveries beyond the guaranteed standard to meet your tight deadlines or certain transit times that are inconvenient. Rhenus X-Press pickup and delivery is swift, convenient, and reliable to aid you in all your logistics needs.

You will obtain the most reliable service for booking faster transit times on the vessel by selecting Rhenus Speed+. Through many years of experience and collaboration with reputable carriers in the industry, we can ensure that your requirements are fulfilled at an international level achieving a swifter and more efficient delivery. If you require ocean routing with faster transit times, Rhenus Singapore is the ideal solution.

Rhenus Singapore provides immediate assistance to transport the urgent and essential shipment to a specific place or time. Rhenus 24/7 Deliveries offers deliveries worldwide beyond standard working hours during the weekend or on national holidays.

Ocean Freight Clearance

Rhenus Singapore has a team of trained and certified staffs to handle customs declaration for all types of customs permits, ensuring smooth and on-time transfers without the administrative burden, delays or penalties.

Rhenus Singapore aids you in documents preparation, specifically for import customs clearance for ocean freight at the destination location.

Ocean Freight Insurance

Rhenus Singapore customises transport insurance solutions for your shipment to safeguard its monetary value against the possibility of physical loss or damage from any external cause during shipment. We help to manage the financial impact of loss or damage efficiently to improve security for items that are sensitive to damage. With our insurance services, you can enjoy safer OCEAN freight transportation.

Rhenus Singapore helps you in documents preparation, specifically for import customs clearance for air freight at the destinated location.