Full-Services for the Offshore Industry

Rhenus is offering integrated on and offshore supply chain logistical services for the offshore industry. Services on land and on sea. The terminals of Rhenus play a central role as this is the strategic place where land and sea meet.


Offshore related terminal services

Offshore related terminal services

Rhenus Logistics in the Netherlands its terminals are located centrally in Rotterdam, close to all the North Sea offshore wind farms to be developed. The Rhenus Deep Sea Terminal is even the closest by terminal to the North Sea suitable to service the offshore industry. Both the Rhenus Deep Sea Terminal at the Maasvlakte as well as the Rhenus Waalhaven Terminal function as a service terminal for the offshore industry.


Rhenus Waalhaven Terminal

The Rhenus Waalhaven Terminal is suitable for mobilizations and demobilizations, reeling of cables, limited jacking of light jack-up vessels and long-term laybys.


Rhenus Deep Sea Terminal

The Rhenus Deep Sea Terminal offers the same services as the Waalhaven terminal but has the advantage of a deep draught and a heavy bearing floor suitable for offshore wind and decom projects as well as offshore yard for the long-term storage of heavy equipment.



Our offshore agents work for any type of offshore vessel such as Platform Supply Vessels, Crew Transfer Vessels, Mono hull heavy lift vessels, Semi-Sub Crane Vessels, Jack-up Installation vessels, barges, North Sea pontoons, dredgers etc.

The Agency department coordinates the requests for layby quays related to offshore projects. Our 1,700 meters of deep-sea quay wall in Europe’s biggest port provide you the best lay-by/lay-up facilities for your mobilization and demobilization of your vessels, with guaranteed access to the quay as there are no height and width restrictions and 24/7 access to the ships is possible.

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