Container stuffing and stripping at Rhenus

Container stuffing and stripping means loading and unloading of goods into and out of containers for shipping. The Rhenus terminals form a turning table for handling different types of dry cargo on and off different modalities, for example ship to rail or truck to ship.

Stuffing and stripping

Stuffing and stripping

Our staff is experienced in stuffing all kind of containers, such as flatracks, open toppers and standard 20- or 40-feet containers. Our container freight station has its own sawmill, so we can support any kind of lashing and securing for standard and odd-sized cargo such as steel coils or even yachts. Other related services we provide are shrink wrapping of cargo and protecting cargo with tailormade tarpaulins.

Benefits of our stuffing and stripping services

Our experienced staff combined with our multipurpose specialised port terminal equipment ensure a smooth stuffing and/or stripping of our customers' cargo.


The Rhenus Deep Sea Terminal at the Maasvlakte is the nearest break bulk terminal to all major container terminals and container shipping lines. The terminal is ideally located for pick-up as well as container stuffing and stripping activities. Europe's biggest container terminals such as Euro max, ECT, APMT 1 and 2 and the Rotterdam World Gateway are around the corner.


The Rhenus Waalhaven Terminal is located near the city centre of Rotterdam. That is why it is ideally located for pick-ups as well as stuffing and stripping activities and further transportation into the hinterland.

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