You can see a truck in a rural setting. You can see a truck in a rural setting.

FTL transport solutions for your needs

Full load or full truck load (FTL) suggest that your shipment fills the entire truck space. Rhenus Myanmar reserves a complete truck for your cargo to transport your goods directly from the loading point to the final destination or point of use.

Why Rhenus is your partner for FTL

Why Rhenus is your partner for FTL

We transport full truck loads (FTL) to and from any point within our international network regardless of the type of product or the distance. Rhenus Myanmar provides domestic and international door-to-door delivery service. Our scheduled forwarding services provide efficient and reliable lead times. In addition, we provide express services and dedicated solutions such as milk runs or just-in-time delivery.

Our full load solutions for your goods

Rhenus Myanmar has unique logistics solutions and service packages catering to your needs for each FTL project requirements.


  • For FTL transports, we offer you flexibility as we transport most types of goods, regardless of their size, weight or special requirements

  • Our trucks are in operation daily. Due to our subcontractor database, we have access to a large number of resources on the market

  • We monitor your consignment constantly and deliver it on time to your requested destination

  • Our global presence and international network enable us to guarantee swift and reliable deliveries

  • We offer extensive services and advice about handling and legal requirements

  • Our well trained and qualified employees manage urgent and complete transport requirements, offering you a worldwide logistics solution at the highest level

  • Our express service provides you with solutions such as two-driver solution for time-sensitive shipments



Our additional road freight services

Your partner for FTL transport

Benefits of Choosing Rhenus Myanmar FTL Services

  • Effective and extensive partner network with the best price-performance ratio, tailored to your requirements

  • Safe and reliable delivery of your shipment as it never leaves the truck from origin to destination

  • Direct transport with no extra stops required

  • Less damage risk due to simplified process including direct loading and unloading


Our commitment to punctual deliveries

  • Express services for time-critical transports, swift deliveries to suit your needs

  • In-depth knowledge regarding international customs clearance

  • Milk run and just-in-time services for industry-specific solutions


High-quality and secure delivery standards

  • We provide safe, reliable and punctual deliveries of your goods

  • Experienced and dedicated experts to ensure quality transportation

  • High visibility of your shipments from collection to delivery, digital online booking and paperless IT solutions