Rhenus in Myanmar


Rhenus in Myanmar: Facts and Figures

Our company’s size and operations are on the rising trend in the upcoming years with economic advancement. With the start of a flourishing economy, Myanmar could be one of the new “Tiger States” in Asia, with a significant manufacturing base and a rising middle class. After decades of political and economic isolation, Myanmar (“The Golden Land”) is emerging with opportunities.  In 2011, initiatives arose towards a more liberal and democratic system, implemented by the new government. As part of ASEAN (association of South-East Asian nations), Myanmar eased international sanctions in the hopes of opening up its economy, aligning itself with the objectives of ASEAN.

Facts about the country (geographical)

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Strategically located in Yangon

Yangon remains the most populous and most important centre of business and cultural activity of Myanmar

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Connections of Yangon

Yangon is linked to other cities by road, air and inland waterways. The cross border highways to Thailand and China are also currently under expansion works.

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Population of Myanmar

Myanmar has a population of about 52 million, comprising numerous ethnic groups and multiple different languages.

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Heritage of Myanmar

Myanmar has a rich cultural heritage, beautiful landscape and natural resources such as oil, gas, minerals, rare piles of earth and gems.

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