File and document management: Our services

We take care of the archiving, digitalisation and destruction of your physical files and documents. As your competent and experienced partner, we carry out these processes for you and organise your document management.

With us your data will not just fade away

With us your data will not just fade away

There will always be physical data despite the continuous progress of digitalisation. Some information will still need to be physically secured and stored, with respect to data protection regulations. Rhenus France is your experienced partner for logistics as well as for processing procedures such as archiving, destruction and digitalisation of your documents.


High demands are placed on the storage of highly sensitive data. Legal requirements must be observed for the handling of personal data. It is therefore important to maintain the very highest standards of security and data protection in the processing and destruction of such documents. For the in-house operation of archives (internal file storage) with business documents, this means the acquisition and use of expensive security technology, complex infrastructure and an audit-compliant organisation. These costs can be avoided by using a specialised service provider.

As a specialist for the archiving of documents and data carriers, we provide cross-sector solutions which are cost-effective, secure, individual and holistic.

Benefits of archiving

  • Reduction of the workload of your processing department
  • Guarantee of the highest security standards
  • Standardised management
  • Documents are available within minutes
  • Compliant data protection processes
  • Dense network of locations
  • Reduction of costs

Document archiving – Individual solutions

Within the scope of document archiving we offer you a variety of different and individually tailored solutions. Whether external document storage in the Rhenus high-security archive or internal file storage on your premises: we have developed a diverse range of professional solutions when it comes to physical document storage. Our archives are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, providing the very highest level of security. In external archiving, your files will be transferred to one of our storage facilities, and captured individually in our archiving system with a unique barcode. With this process, every file movement is clearly tracked and provides the highest level of transparency.

File and data carrier destruction

The Rhenus Group has been providing secure and reliable on- and off-site destruction of data carriers in compliance.

With reference to data carriers, a distinction is made between hard data carriers (e.g. hard disks, CDs, DVDs) and soft data carriers (e.g. paper, cardboard boxes).

Our destruction services range from the placement of lockable security containers, collection and handling to destruction in monitored facilities with subsequent issuance of a destruction certificate.

In addition to file and data carrier destruction, we also handle security transports and offer you individual solutions for the secure transport of data, regardless of whether it is in the form of physical files, DVDs or hard drives.

Need our efficient disposal solutions for your office? We are your reliable partner for full-service solutions.


There are often two things standing in the way of paperless document management in companies: lack of time and manpower. However, we have a solution for this: with our digitalisation service, we collect your files and documents, record them, prepare them, scan, index and check them to make all data available to you in line with your requirements. You benefit from:

More space

We create space for you at all levels: space that was previously occupied by files and folders is now available for different purposes, which benefit your business. And: those who are not busy with printing, copying, punching, stapling or filing documents have more time for more essential tasks.

Less work

If you do not have the capacity to transform into a paperless office, we can help: we take care of all services for you – from the transportation to the provision of documents. If you wish, we can even help you to pack your files.

Lower costs

How much do printouts, copies, paper, folders, materials and unusable space cost your company per year? Make the comparison: digitalisation by Rhenus is an investment that will pay off for you in the long term.

File recovery

In the event that water reaches your archive, data and documents can be irretrievably lost. And even if the paper survives the initial exposure to water, mould can appear later on and completely destroy the document – entire files can be destroyed by moisture and microorganisms.

In such a case, Rhenus therefore acts swiftly and with great expertise to minimise the damage and make the files available again as quickly as possible. In our state-of-the-art facilities, we use innovative methods such as freeze-drying and irradiation to remove moisture and eliminate microorganisms.

Be it water damage, moisture or pest infestation – once the damage has occurred, we take immediate action.

We comply strictly with legal data protection regulations and your confidentiality needs during every step of the process.

  • Our security transports protect confidential documents from unauthorised access, and further processing is also carried out in our secure facilities.
  • Successful document restoration allows you to comply with legal retention periods.
  • We prevent further damage to the material and protect the health of your employees by treating the files by means of freeze-drying, X-ray irradiation and cleaning.

Rhenus Office Systems – A recipe for success

We have decades of experience in our industry. Renowned companies already place their trust in us. You, too, can benefit from our expertise.


Highest quality and continuous improvement

We have all the necessary certificates and various safety classes. We also use the latest innovations such as automatic level measurement in containers and a new pulping vehicle for document shredding.


Location network across Europe

Our dense network of locations brings you the benefit of short response times. With us, you will always find the right branch for information management services in your area.


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