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Your partner for offshore port logistics

The logistics activities for offshore projects usually start with the transport of components or goods to the port. Here, they are stored, customs cleared and partly assembled before being transshipped onto specialised vessels for transport to the offshore base.

Our services for offshore port logistics

Our services for offshore port logistics

At the port, offshore logistics experts of Rhenus France offer transshipment and preparatory services for your offshore projects. From storage to container and waste disposal management, heavy lift transshipment and port agency as well as customs clearance: We handle all port-side services at locations along the North Sea coast as well as in Poland, the USA and Asia. Alternatively, you can find out more about our offshore logistics transport services.

Our wide range of port logistics solutions

Rhenus France provides turnkey solutions for cable handling and storage, providing you with a single point of contact for the whole project. Our services include the handling of loose cables and cable drums, customs clearance and the recycling of scrap cables.

At our port locations in Nordenham, Rotterdam and Cuxhaven, we have the optimal infrastructure for short- and long-term storage as well as the handling of cables at the quayside, including sufficient water draft for offshore vessels to moor. Delivery to and from the hinterland can be realised via railway, road or waterway.

Our experienced staff implement solutions that are customised towards your individual project specs and needs.

Offshore projects usually involve the transport and transshipment of heavy and oversized cargo. At Rhenus France, we offer specialised solutions for heavy lift and project cargo including engineering and sea fastening.

These services include onshore and offshore transport as well as handling of heavy lift and project cargo, chartering, storage, sea fastening and stevedoring as well as method statements and risk assessment for the shipment.

We offer individual warehousing solutions, which include both short-term storage and long-term storage of materials. With our warehouse management system, our experienced logistics staff provide inventory management to make sure no items get lost. We can store your cargo directly at the port, where we receive your shipments and prepare them for sea transport – e.g. by offering container stuffing or stripping, sea fastening and customs clearance services. In addition, we also manage the handling and storage of hazardous materials, such as fuel or gas.

Rhenus France offers 24/7 port agency services within our strong Europe-wide agency network. We coordinate the vessel’s port call and ensure the on-time provision of all required documents. To ease your mind, we update you on a regular basis 24 hours a day.

Our qualified professionals are on site and handle all minor and major aspects concerning customs charges and required government procedures, liaising with the ship captains and ensuring the comprehensive reliability for all parties involved in the project. With our scope of services, we guarantee maximum efficiency for your port call. More than 3,000 ships are cleared through our offices every year.

We are wherever you need us to be and offer fast, safe and therefore effective clearance of any type of ship. Our services are certified according to ISO 9001:2008.

For the seaside supply of offshore platforms, we use specially constructed and certified containers that meet the specifications and requirements of handling on the high seas. Rhenus operates container depots near the coast in Aberdeen, Cuxhaven, Emden, Great Yarmouth, Rotterdam and Sassnitz, where we handle the complete container management.

You can rent our containers of all kinds, all certified according to DNV GL 2.7-1, as well as customised equipment – even on a short-term basis. We constantly conduct recertification of onshore and offshore container equipment.

Offshore projects often include the international supply of goods from different countries and markets. Customs experts from Rhenus France make sure your shipments are properly handled and cleared when they reach their destination.

Moreover, any item shipped to a wind farm needs to be customs cleared. Rhenus France has a specialised customs team with multiple years of experience in customs clearance in offshore wind and handles your imports and exports.

We take care of all waste from your offshore project. This includes the development of a project-specific waste concept, the supply and transport of waste containers and the disposal including disposal receipt.

No matter which kind of waste needs to be handled – whether firm (mixed household waste, wood, paper, steel or scrap) or liquid (sludge, wastewater, etc.): we provide certified waste skips, drums, IBCs and other kinds of waste containers.

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Your benefits with Rhenus offshore logistics

  • Specific solutions for cable handling, waste disposal and storage of offshore goods
  • Storage facilities for your goods directly at the port
  • Rhenus France provides a single point of contact for the whole project, including all services

Guarantee of high quality standards

  • Provision of any type of offshore container, certified according to DNV GL 2.7-1
  • Our experienced logistics personnel ensure safe, efficient handling of all activities
  • Recertification of container equipment (onshore and offshore) according to ISO 9001:2008 certification
  • Provision of disposal receipt and confirmation

On-time service providing

  • On-time receipt of your shipments, preparation for sea transport and customs clearance of your goods
  • Fast, safe and therefore effective clearance of any type of ship
  • Regular updates about port agency services