High-precision storage for the wine industry

High-precision storage for the wine industry

There are few products as delicate and sensitive as wine from the point of view of storage. Any change in temperature, humidity or light can affect its taste, smell or colour and compromise the laborious work done by the cellar to define specific characteristics in its flavor, aroma, and tonality. Faced with this risk, the specialisation of logistics operators, who are aware of the uniqueness of this merchandise and the importance of correct storage, has become a highly valued factor in the wine industry.

"We should understand that wine is a living product, constantly evolving, even during the storage process. Therefore, we cannot treat it as just another commodity," says Juan Pedro Escobar, a wine logistics expert at Rhenus Warehousing Solutions Spain. This logistics operator, specialising in warehouse solutions, accumulates a long history as a partner of cellars and companies related to wine, with customised services to guarantee the highest quality standards for this product.

"We are in the wine storage business because we share this industry's passion. We deeply respect the work of winemakers. That's why we want to extend to the warehouse the attention that the wine receives throughout its production process," says José Ignacio López, Sales Manager at Rhenus Warehousing Solutions Spain. 

Integrated warehouse solutions for the wine sector

Rhenus Warehousing Solutions knows well the particularities of wine and is aware of the great thoroughness, reliability and special care required in this industry, where any mistake can compromise the product quality.

Aware that the product's condition and the goods' value depend on high-quality standards and sensitive and secure logistics, the company offers comprehensive, flexible and customised warehouse solutions to increase the wine sector's competitiveness. These include multi-client, in-house and dedicated warehousing models, ensuring that products arrive on time and in an optimal condition at their final destination, all with thorough pre-planning.

"We provide our customers with high-capacity, state-of-the-art, temperature-controlled storage facilities. The facilities are prepared to guarantee the correct wine temperature. They also ensure the best humidity, ventilation and light for the product," Juan Pedro Escobar points out. 

Personalised advice and value-added solutions for the wine sector

Rhenus Warehousing Solutions also includes many value-added activities for wine, a sector in which Spain has become the world's leading exporter in terms of volume. The country sold more than 23.5 million hectolitres abroad in 2021, according to data from the Instituto de Comercio Exterior (ICEX).

As the warehousing division of the Rhenus Group, having the support of a globally-operating logistics service provider allows the company to offer its customers a single interlocutor for the entire management of their supply chain, including all aspects of transport management (land, air or sea), warehousing in high-capacity storage facilities or customs warehousing. In addition, as part of the value-added warehousing services, inventory management, traceability, order management, etc.

Rhenus Warehousing Solutions also offers some value-added services specific to the e-commerce sector, such as labelling, co-packing, batch manufacturing, shipment customisation to end customers and special packaging to increase delivery security.

Likewise, due to the sector's requirements, Rhenus Warehousing Solutions considers it essential to offer personalised service and advice to its customers. "Our highly specialised and trained team is responsible for guiding, accompanying and offering companies those solutions that best suit their needs and maximise their performance," says José Ignacio López.

Logistics for spirits, champagne and cava

Rhenus Warehousing Solutions Spain's warehousing solutions also include the spirits, champagne and cava sector, which also requires facilities and a customised logistics service adapted to the specific characteristics of each product. The company also offers a wide range of value-added solutions for this industry.

The structure of Rhenus Warehousing Solutions

The specialist for warehouse logistics, Rhenus Warehousing Solutions, offers B2B and B2C warehousing services and has an extensive network of warehouses worldwide. It has a wide global network with more than 155 centres in 21 countries and a storage area of 3.5 million square meters. In Spain, the company's facilities are located in Sevilla, Cádiz, Valencia and Madrid.