You can see a road in a rural setting.You can see a road in a rural setting.


In addition to our values, the Corporate Principles are fixed company guidelines that govern the actions of our employees and shape our corporate culture. We place great importance on compliance with these Corporate Principles, which are valid worldwide.

Corporate principles: Focus on customer needs and wishes

To reach this goal, our decentralised business units focus on specific services and target groups. This allows us to successfully react to the needs of our business partners.

Our employees are an important asset that drives our growth – this is why Rhenus offers them many development opportunities. This is the only way we can guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.

You can see two men working at a port.

Our customers

This is why we do everything we can to make our customers’ business easier in terms of logistics, improve their productivity and make them more attractive in the market. Satisfied customers are at the heart of the success of our daily work and therefore of our Rhenus.

It takes a highly motivated staff to offer our customers optimal services and products. Targeted initial and further training for our employees provide a solid foundation.

The quality of our services and products determines whether customers are satisfied. Comprehensive quality assurance systems document our commitment to service and product excellence. We can only achieve this objective if our employees identify with our "maximum quality maxim".

We always set high standards in terms of return on capital employed so that investments and innovations can be implemented efficiently. This is how we are able to offer our customers high-quality products and services at attractive prices. Investing in research, development, technology and training helps us to secure long-term success.

As a part of society, we accept our social responsibility and are committed to improving public welfare and preserving the environment and natural resources. To us, economics and ecology are not opposites. Therefore, bringing them together as much as possible is a core tenet of our corporate philosophy.

It takes a high level of personal integrity to act in accordance with legal and ethical/moral frameworks. We expect all of our employees to behave properly. The details of our code of conduct are defined in the corporate compliance brochure.

You can see two people with working clothesYou can see two people with working clothes


The Rhenus Group supports the implementation of human rights in accordance with the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).

No child labour

Any kind of child labour is prohibited in the Rhenus Group. The minimum age of employees is governed by the relevant state laws or collective bargaining agreements, provided that these do not fall below the minimum employment age laid down in the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Convention.

No discrimination

Rhenus promotes equal opportunities and equal treatment for workers and does not discriminate on the grounds of racial or ethnic origin, gender, religion or beliefs, disability, age or sexual orientation.

Remuneration and working hours

The Rhenus Group complies with the relevant national regulations on working hours, wages and salaries and benefits.

No forced labour

The Rhenus Group rejects any form of forced labour.

Occupational health and safety

The Rhenus Group’s business areas and activities are as diverse as the requirements for occupational safety and health protection. The organisational structure of occupational health and safety within the Rhenus Group ensures that country- and business-specific requirements are taken into account and implemented. A clear allocation of responsibilities within the organisation anchors the issue of occupational safety at management level.

You can see a person working on a crane at a port.

As a logistics service provider, the welfare and the health of our employees are our central assets. Our holistic approach therefore focuses on technical possibilities and procedural processes, followed by individual safety behaviour and occupational safety culture. We analyse potential hazards in the work environment and processes in order to create safe solutions and implementable conditions, as well as occupational health and safety rules. The implementation of the defined requirements and documentation takes place using tailor-made in-house IT systems. Learning and exchange systems strengthen accident prevention and improve occupational health and safety organisation.

That is why we see the protection of life and health of our employees in our health and safety policy. However, the policy also covers the entire spectrum of measures, means and methods for:

  • complying with legal, regulatory and other requirements as a matter of principle and therefore as the basis for sustainable corporate success,
  • providing healthy and safe working conditions as the basis for avoiding health damage,
  • improving and stabilising the health of the employees,
  • protecting the physical and mental health,
  • increasing the performance,
  • maintaining the workforce on a permanent and long-term basis
  • promoting job satisfaction,
  • rehabilitation and reintegration,
  • preventing accidents and work-related illnesses,
  • eliminating hazards and minimising health and safety risks by consulting and involving our employees on a partnership basis.

The Health & Safety Service Centre and a large number of branches have already been certified according to ISO 45001. By continuously improving our standards, we are strengthening a management system independent of certification in which occupational safety and health protection are enacted and can have a lasting effect.