Congestion and energy surcharge in Switzerland

Effects of the current economic situation on our warehouse logistics services and on our transport services in Switzerland


Energy cost surcharge for warehouse services

Due to pandemic and war crisis, several basic ressources show a massive shortage. These effects can be felt worldwide and have led to a massive increase in prices for energy materials such as gas and electricity. As your warehouse logistics service provider, we also are affected by these impacts.

Unfortunately, we are not excluded from these price increases. Therefore we are forced to introduce an energy surcharge for the future. The energy surcharge is a percentage surcharge on the storage costs and will be listed as a separate item in the monthly invoice.

This energy surcharge is predicated on the basis of the national consumer price index, wich is evaluated  monthly by the Federal Statistical Office and can be viewed online. These actualized energy surcharges are valid in the following month.

The current energy surcharges are available here.


Traffic congestion surcharge for transport services in Switzerland

The amount of congestion on Switzerland’s network of roads generates considerable costs for the transport industry. Traffic congestion leads to a loss of productivity. This development forces us, as your forwarding service provider, to charge a congestion surcharge from January 2023.

The average of the last two published years results in the applicable congestion surcharge.

The development of the congestion hours and the index of the congestion surcharge are available here at any time.

For any further questions or more information we are available for you.