Cargo handling for all industry sectors

Cargo handling means loading and unloading of all kinds of goods (bulk, break bulk, heavy lift, project cargo) and raw materials based on the latest standards between ships and other means of transport within the framework of multimodal transportation.
Solutions for individual requirements

Solutions for individual requirements

Rhenus is represented at a large number of key hubs and economic regions in Europe with its own port facilities. Our sea and inland port terminals are equipped with the requisite infrastructure and superstructure to ensure seamless supply chain management. With our cranes and conveyor systems, goods can be transshipped quickly and carefully between the various transport modes and warehouses. Our port services are certified in accordance with all quality and safety standards.

Our cargo handling services

With its network of locations that is unparalleled in Europe, Rhenus offers interfaces for truly all modalities. Optimised routes and reliable transport – regardless of the mode of transport – are our daily business. For all types of goods and raw materials. The sensible use of different modes of transport (ship / rail / truck) has several advantages: A well-planned solution is fast, environmentally-friendly and cost-efficient. The prerequisite for all this are our efficient terminals, of course, where loading and unloading of the individual modes of transport is handled in accordance with the latest standards. In addition, we’ve got special equipment at our disposal which is tailored to the requirements and nature of the specific goods.

Scanning goods means that shipment data can be recorded quickly and without errors. And that’s done twice: For incoming and outgoing goods. We also offer this service for inventories at the request of our customers.

Photo documentation is a reliable way of detecting irregularities and precisely describing the damage to goods and communicating this to the customer in an easily understandable manner. The digital images provide clear proof of the damage.

Electronic, fully automatic data exchange via EDI interfaces results in perfect data quality and the highest levels of efficiency. Even complex transactions with high data volumes can be processed quickly and efficiently.

Automatic truck weighing not only results in significant time savings during dispatch. With the flawless and fast license plate recognition function, weighing slips can also be generated automatically. Our scales are of course officially calibrated on a regular basis.

The automatic weighing of rail cars not only saves a considerable amount of time during check-in. The error-free and fast recording also enables the weighing certificate to be issued automatically. Our scales are of course officially calibrated on a regular basis.

A unique network of European locations

The distinguishing feature of Rhenus is its dense network of locations along the coasts and waterways of Europe. Added to this is its expertise in handling all kinds of goods and raw materials. Our ports offer extensive handling facilities for bulk and general cargo as well as interfaces for all modalities. Regardless of the product or industry, we offer trimodal transshipment, backed by flexible and state-of-the-art technology.

Quality and safety first

As a one-stop provider for all services related to cargo handling, we have high standards when it comes to the quality of our work. Of course, we are certified accordingly (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, GMP+ B3, Bio and IP-Suisse, various AUE permits for handling and storage as well as treatment of waste. Constant investment in the infrastructure and superstructure of our port locations and therefore their continuous improvement ensure the high quality of our service offerings.

Flexibility on all modes of transport

The combination of rail, truck and ship transport provides the ideal conditions for the environmentally-friendly, cost-efficient and fast transport of goods. Our efficient terminals are the proverbially “connecting links” when it comes to transferring freight from one mode of transport to another. We will of course also organise all pre-carriage and onward carriage to suit your specific needs.

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