You can see a truck from inside being loaded.You can see a truck from inside being loaded.

LTL trucking solutions for you

Part loads or less than truck loads (LTL) are goods transported in a quantity that only takes up part of the trailer. For LTL, Rhenus provides a dedicated truck, but your goods are consolidated, meaning you share the transport expenses with other consignees.


For shipment sizes between consolidated freight and full loads, part load (LTL) shipments by Rhenus Switzerland are the fastest, most flexible, efficient and cost-effective solution. Freight consolidation offers better shipping rates and minimises costs. Combining your shipments with other companies and sharing a truck also reduces your environmental impact along the supply chain.

Our part load solutions for your goods

  • Our worldwide presence and international logistics network enable us to guarantee fast and safe deliveries
  • Our qualified employees manage with urgent and complete transport requirements and offer you a national and international freight logistics solution at the highest level
  • Our trucks are on the road every day. Rhenus offers you loading space for your part loads as well as a great deal of flexibility for your individual needs
  • Partial shipments are consolidated in one truck and directly transported to the point of use without using a Rhenus hub
  • For LTL transports, we offer you the same flexibility as usual, meaning we transport most types of goods, regardless of their weight, size or special requirements
  • We provide extensive services and are here to advise you about freight handling and legal requirements
  • Our express service provides you with solutions for time-sensitive shipments


Let us advise you to solve all your logistics needs.

Benefits of Choosing Rhenus LTL Services

  • Direct transport, as no additional stops are necessary
  • Safer delivery, your shipment never leaves the truck from origin to destination
  • Less damage risk due to less handling and direct loading and unloading
  • Strong and extensive partner network with the best price-performance ratio, tailored to your requirements

High-quality and secure delivery standards

  • We provide reliable, safe and punctual deliveries of your goods
  • High visibility of your shipments from collection to delivery, digital online booking and paperless IT solutions
  • Experienced and dedicated experts to ensure quality transports

Our commitment to punctual deliveries

  • Express services for time-critical transports, fast deliveries to suit individual requirements
  • Milk run and just-in-time services for industry-specific solutions
  • Expert knowledge regarding international customs clearance

Our additional road freight services