Customs clearance services, consulting & software

Rhenus provides a variety of customs services, including export and import procedures, transit and bonded warehousing, customs consulting, automated software solutions and related services such as tax consulting and fiscal representation.

We enable international trade

We enable international trade

As your customs service provider, we develop and implement Efficient and compliant customs clearance solutions that are adapted and customised to suit your international trade strategy.

Customs clearance services
Rhenus provides customs clearance for your goods

Customs clearance services

Global transport chains often stretch beyond the outer borders of a customs territory.

Our high-quality customs clearance services and knowledge of national and international trade regulations help you to ensure the smooth dispatch of your goods.

As an authorised customs agent, we submit the required customs export declarations and supporting documentation to the government bodies (e.g. customs and tax authorities) on your behalf when exporting your goods.

When importing goods, we submit the obligatory import declaration and supporting documents to the customs authorities on your behalf. In addition, to facilitate your border crossing, we can offer financial services for the payment of the required customs duties, excises and tax to the customs authorities.

With EU customs clearance, we make it easier for Swiss exporters to move goods within the European Union. Rhenus supports you in acting like an EU supplier.

Transit is a customs procedure that allows uncleared goods to be moved under customs control across borders and countries. A guarantee is required to secure all potential customs debts. As an authorised operator, we can fulfil the required transit declarations and offer financial services to cover the required guarantee.

Customs special procedures allow you to temporarily use, process or repair your goods and get partial or full relief from import duties, or in some cases duty suspension. Our customs experts can submit the required customs declaration, e.g. for inward and outward processing as well as customs warehousing and temporary admission.  

Customs warehousing (duty-free warehouse or open customs warehouse - OZL) allows uncleared goods to be stored in a designated location within the customs territory without being subject to import duties or other charges related to the import of goods or to commercial policy measures (such as import licences).

Rhenus has been handling all customs clearance tasks for imports and exports of vehicles for various car brands around the world for decades. Through IT networking with road traffic offices, Rhenus simplifies the processes so that vehicles can be cleared quickly and professionally. 

Customs consulting

Our customs experts support your trade strategy
We design the most customer-efficient and compliant customs solutions in a rapidly evolving climate through high-quality services and consultancy.

Years of experience make us experts in our business. Additionally, our specialists regularly attend specific trainings, work groups and conferences. We offer excellent support, from implementing the required customs procedure to the determining preferential origin and applying for customs authorisations.

Our dedicated customs consultants will guide you through any trade-related challenges you might face, such as: 

  • Customs valuation

  • Rules of origin and classification 

  • Free trade agreements 

  • Brexit 

  • IOSS (import one-stop shop) 

To facilitate your international trade, our customs consultants will guide you successfully through the correct customs application process, such as: 

  • Binding tariff information  

  • Binding origin information 

  • Customs authorisations (e.g. AEO, simplified procedures and guarantees)

Ensuring compliance within international trade is mandatory for all parties. Our in-house consultants support you with your: 

  • Trade due diligence 

  • Denied party screening 

  • Governmental reporting

  • Customs authorisation landscape 

  • Goods classification and origins 

  • Dual-use and export controls 

Customs and trade software solutions
Meeting legal requirements and creating efficiency

Customs and trade software solutions

Our trade software solutions provide easy connectivity and provide high compliance and transparency in return.

Our customs control tower is an all-in-one solution for automated customs and risk management processes. Via our customs control tower, we use your data to provide customs clearance at both origin and destination. Depending on your ERP system and processes, various integration options and reporting tools are available.

When trading internationally, you must screen all parties involved against the applicable sanction lists. Our customs engineers can connect our denied party screening tool to your ERP environment to ensure the required compliance.

Customs-related services
TAX services to facilitate your trade growth

Customs-related services

When trading internationally, you might also need to fulfill certain tax requirements. Therefore, we have our own in-house tax consultancy team available for your services.

Our tax experts can provide tax representation (limited and general fiscal representation) in multiple countries to support a smooth border-crossing experience.

We provide professional tax guidance for your international trades. Our services include:

  • Tax registration
  • Tax declarations
  • Intrastat declaration
  • Sales listings regarding tax drawbacks

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