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Rhenus Canada: Warehouse solutions and services

Rhenus offers a range of warehouse logistics solutions. From multi-user to inhouse and dedicated warehouse concepts, we make sure your goods arrive when and where they are needed. Value-added services and digital solutions like our warehouse management and integration systems complete our portfolio.


Multi-user solution

Integrated logistics at a multi-client location

With a multi-user solution, your individual warehouse logistics are integrated into a multi-client location. We create flexibility advantages for you, e.g. in the areas of personnel and storage space utilisation. In a multi-user logistics centre, we can cushion seasonal fluctuations much better through shared services and solutions.

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In-house solution

Let Rhenus optimise your warehouse operations

The in-house solution includes the complete or partial takeover and operation of your warehouse, factory and production logistics. Rhenus Canada optimises your process landscape and therefore provides a relevant warehouse management system and reporting structure. As part of your value-added chain, we integrate seamlessly into your production processes. For this purpose, we implement flexible personnel and equipment concepts.

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Dedicated solution

We manage an exclusive warehouse for you

Rhenus Canada provides bonded and non-bonded warehousing solutions. Whether you require short- or long-term storage in bulk, shelves or racks, we create custom solutions exclusively for you. Our dedicated logistics solutions address your industry’s individual needs, including transferring the process control, IT, equipment, personnel and technology responsibility into our hands to ensure that your warehousing operation runs as efficiently as possible.

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Value-added services

Services beyond warehousing for your supply chain

Value-added services (VAS) are another of our core competencies. We have a very high level of expertise in this area for products and customers from numerous industries such as e-commerce, retail, fashion, automotive and more. Our various VAS activities include returns processing, quality control, packing, set building, co-packing, labelling and relabelling, carrier management and much more. Please contact us so we can find a solution for your special needs.





Our warehouse management system (WMS) provides visibility, secure solutions with tailored control which drives speed to market. We optimise your goods using our seamless WMS, allowing you to concentrate entirely on your core business while we take care of the rest. Our leading cloud-based WMS platform is solid and secure, helping ensure that your goods arrive when and where they are needed. The cloud-based platform provides online global inventory visibility and transaction history. In addition, it permits a single view of multiple warehouses and location control. Our WMS delivers the following flexible capabilities: FIFO/LIFO/FEFO-capable control distribution of lot-controlled products, interface with Internet store applications, comprehensive real-time reporting and more.

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Warehouse Security Guaranteed 

High-security standards for your valuable goods 

At Rhenus Canada, we treat our clients’ assets as if they were our own. Our team of experts takes the absolute security and safety of your products very seriously. We understand the importance of treating our client’s products with extreme care, including products in the technology industry. We prioritise warehouse security and ensure the accuracy of our inventory 24/7.

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