Professional customs clearance with Rhenus Canada Professional customs clearance with Rhenus Canada

Professional customs clearance with Rhenus Canada

We offer complete customs clearance and compliance services to ensure our clients remain compliant while seeking the greatest relief from duty and tax implications.

Smooth Customs Flow Of Your Supply Chain

Smooth Customs Flow Of Your Supply Chain

Our experienced and certified customs team is well suited to guide your enterprise through the requirements and regulations of the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to ensure full compliance with government regulations. We provide customs clearance processing, audit, and consulting services. 

We work diligently to identify the most advantageous tariff classifications resulting in savings for our customers and eliminating costly errors and delays.

Our customs clearance service includes:

  • Customs brokerage and consulting
  • Full EDI capability
  • Apparel entries (apparel and textile specialist)                                    
  • Automotive entries
  • Duty / tax recovery
  • Drawbacks
  • NAFTA compliance
  • Valuation
  • CBSA audit services
  • Customs compliance & management services
  • Document preparation

CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management Initiative (CARM)

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One-Stop Customs Clearance Solution

  • Avoid fines and shipment delays
  • Stay compliant through the complexities of dealing with international customs protocols
  • Receive the greatest duty and tax relief
  • Import and export 24/7 year-round

Professional, service-oriented & compliant partner

  • CCS Certified Canadian Brokerage service provider utilizing the latest line release options including PARS, INPARS, FIRST, and ACROSS to offer clients a full spectrum of customs services
  • Fully EDI capable and is linked with government agencies on both sides of the border via CADEX and ABI programs

Dense Global Network

  • A strong network of partners strategically located in all major cities across the Canada/US border, Rhenus Canada Customs Brokers expedite the movement of goods to reach supply chains faster, allowing clients to focus on their business