Rhenus Canada

Rhenus Canada specializes in air and ocean freight, warehouse fulfillment and distribution, customs clearance, and project logistics solutions. With operations in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal.


Rhenus Canada: Facts and Figures

Located in the northernmost part of North America, our presence in Canada is fortified by 
well-established offices in the three largest metropolitan areas: Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal.

Canada is a developed and multicultural country that has one of the largest economies in the world. Its direct access to the Arctic, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, as well as its foreign trade deals and the variety in its export and import categories, make Canada a country of many opportunities for the freight and logistics sector.

Our Canadian headquarters is in Toronto, the country's most populous city and the fourth most populous city in North America. All of our offices are conveniently located near main ports and airports.

Facts about Rhenus Canada

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Ports of Canada

Canada is located at the northernmost part of North America, with direct access to the Arctic, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. The main seaports include Port Toronto, Port Vancouver and Port Montreal.

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Road Transportation in Canada

With more than one million kilometers of road, transporting goods into Canada and cross border transportation to the U.S. via road freight is vital, despite its extensive landmass and harsh climate.

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Main Industries

Canada's top import and export industries are automotive parts, vehicles, mineral fuel, machinery, electrical equipment, metals, gems, and pharmaceuticals.

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Airports of Canada

Canada facilitates the flows of goods via air freight in the following airports: Toronto Pearson International Airport, Vancouver International Airport, and Montréal-Trudeau International Airport.

Rhenus locations in Canada