Commodity logistics solutions at Rhenus

Rhenus Logistics in Belgium handles every type of commodity, whether packed, in bulk or containerised. As an independent freight forwarder, we choose the most efficient mode of transport. Adding value-added services, we can offer complete supply chain solutions designed for your specific need.


Door to door services for your commodity

Product focus is on iron & steel including cars, (petro-)chemicals, agrifood, forest products, as well as on building & construction materials and all recyclable goods related to these industries..  In each area of specialisation, dedicated competence centres have been established, creating an expertise in each specific commodity and service.


Rhenus in Belgium has been focusing for many years on the specific needs of this market and has set up logistics concepts geared to optimise the various flows of agricultural and food products through Europe and the rest of the world.  Our strong product knowledge contributes to safe and reliable transport, packaging and processing of sugar, malt, milk powder, rice, coffee and ocoa.

Rhenus Belgium and Germany are agents for the World Food Programme

The Port of Antwerp and Bruges  have extensive RoRo transshipment facilities and an extensive parking capacity with storage areas for import, export and transit vehicles. A total of up to 2,000 cars can be loaded per ship. Regular short sea connections guarantee short handling times for your supply chain. Other services that Rhenus offers include wax preservation, tyre pressure testing, battery testing, rust film removal, and vehicle washing with our fully automated car wash facilities.

Based on Rhenus' experience related to logistics for the building industry and through long-standing partnerships with our customers and expert knowledge of thier poduct, we can work out optimal supply chain solutions for clinker, cement, mineral sand, tiles, cladding, construction materials, granulates ...

Rhenus Belgium also handles different types of minerals, such as industrial minerals (sand, soda ash, coal, bauxite, silica, ...) and other minerals such as magnesium oxide, magnesite, ...

Rhenus in Belgium offers alternative solutions for transporting non-hazardous liquid and dry cargo by using flexitanks and liner bags.  They are a safe, time tested and proven cost effective and secure technology which can be used with all standard transportation methods.

In Belgium, Rhenus offers the full scope of logistics services needed throughout the supply chain;  We take care of every aspect. Rhenus assists the paper industry with just-in-time-service and stock management, tailored to every individual need and supported by online IT-solutions and handles products such as different types of paper (print, packaging, waste, ...), pulp, cellulose, cardboard, making use of its European network of distribution platforms.  Every requirement being different, we customise our services towards producer, importer, trader or stockholder.

Whether complex medical technolog or ATM machines, Rhenus brings demanding and high-quality goods  to their place of use and installs them professionally.  Rhenus High Tech Belgium has high degree of specialisation and many years of experience in implementing your respective needs.

This dedicated team of specialists at Rhenus in Belgium, with long-lasting know-how in receiving, handling, controlling and distributing all kinds  of iron and steel products delivers top serivce to the iron and steel industry.

Our team of skilled specialists offers the full scope of logistics services to the chemical industry. Permanent training enables our staff to cope with various security regulations, becoming more and more complex where dangerous goods are concerned. Correct and timely documentation and communciation are our prime assets to ensure smooth and economical logistics processes. Strict emergency  procedures have been established to ensure professional intervention at critical moments in the supply chain. All shipments worldwide are coordinated in full accordance with customer requirements.


With many years of experience in providing logistics services to the Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences & Healthcare industry, Rhenus Belgium provides seamless, comprehensive and flexible logistics solutions with the highest focus on service quality, customer needs and patient safety.

Rhenus Belgium investigates all individual modes of transport and all possible locations of transshipment when planning your special cargo transport. Fewer intermediate stages within a transport chain reduce the outlay and risk of damage. Our multimodal transport chains offer benefits in terms of costs and carbon footprint. Specialised transport projects always require individual approaches as the nature of the goods involved, the transport routes and the origin and destinations all vary.

At Rhenus port locations, we have permits in accordance with the Federal laws and regulations for transshipment, storage and treatment of recyclable materials. Protection our environment is a key priority for us.  Our storage areas and halls are adequately secured and facilitate further utilisation and effecient recycling.

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One partner for all your supply chain needs

As an independent freight forwarder, we use all available modes of transport and operators to give you the most efficient and punctual supply chain solution, based on your commodity - for import and export. With Rhenus, you have all commodity logistics services from one source. We are your central point of contact and provide you with transparency along your entire supply chain. 


Specialised know-how

We specialise in several product groups as well as equipment and project cargo. That is why we have vast know-how in these areas. For certain products, we maintain own assets such as a specialised truck fleet and dedicated warehouse facilities. 


Individual solutions matching your demand

Our commodity logistics solutions are based on your specifications. For every order, you receive a personal contact partner who will give you updates on the status of your shipment, giving you visibility and transparency for your supply chain. We offer individual complete solutions from one source.