Stahl und Metalle: Umschlag und Lagerung im Hafen Stahl und Metalle: Umschlag und Lagerung im Hafen

Steel and metals: Long-standing partnerships

As a long-standing partner of the European steel and metal industry, Rhenus Antwerp's port locations have a wide range of facilities for handling and storing steel and metal products of all kinds.

Rhenus expertise for steel and metal

Rhenus expertise for steel and metal

Backed by over 50 years of experience, Rhenus Logistics Antwerp is optimally equipped to handle your steel and metal products competently and with great care.

We offer roofed storage in suitable  halls  at many locations for your moisture-sensitive goods.

Services for steel and metals

Rhenus Antwerp handles steel and metal products of all kinds: coils, slabs, beams, tubes, bars, wire rods, and much more.

At our port locations, various crane systems, coil lifting devices and special equipment enable flexible handling – specifically according to the needs of the respective product.

Rhenus Antwerp can remove the transport packaging of the coils on request before delivering them to the recipient.

Coils can be transported and stored “eye to sky” or “eye to face”. Some of our locations have special devices to tilt the coils.

“Eye to sky” means that coils are positioned in the container with a vertical winding axis, i.e. the winding axis points to the sky.

“Eye to face” means that the winding axis is positioned so that it can be seen from the side.

Rhenus Antwerp reattaches the straps for the safe transport of coils or bundles of beams or bars upon request and in compliance with applicable regulations.


Rhenus Antwerp has developed a tool for monitoring stocked goods in warehouses in collaboration with its internal IT department.  

This application automatically sends loading and unloading orders to the warehouses, ensuring that the cargo is placed on the right truck.  It also calculates the exact renting rate.


When handling sensitive or high value materials, it is important that loading and unloading is carried out correctly.  The presence of a certified surveyor can be requested for both unloading and reloading operations.

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Our expertise for your steel and metal products

Through many years of cooperation with steel producers and traders, Rhenus Antwerp knows this sector like no other. Rhenus handles all types of steel and metals in a safe and competent manner. This includes the gentle handling of materials using advanced special equipment. We carefully store moisture-sensitive goods in suitable halls.


Safety and quality

When handling steel and metals, safety and quality are our main priorities. All our locations and services are certified in accordance with ISO 9001. Rhenus Antwerp is registered as an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO), which enables customers to participate in international goods traffic more easily.


Just-in-time delivery with Rhenus

With the help of our IT-integrated EDI system, Rhenus Antwerp ensures fast import and export processing. From our ports located at the most important hubs in Europe, we organise all pre- and post-carriage transports for you and enable just-in-time delivery of your goods to their final destination.