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We provide our expertise to customers from a wide range of industries and respond to their individual needs. Our standards of quality, reliability and security are consistently high.


Scalable services

As a logistics specialist for high-tech products, we implement complex projects thanks to our many years of experience and industry-specific know-how. We also preconfigure equipment in our logistics warehouses. After transport to the final point of use, we position and install products for a wide range of industries. Assembly, instruction, reconditioning, maintenance and disposal round off our services.

Our industry solutions for you

Banking industry services

The banking sector has special logistics requirements as the industry demands high levels of security to protect data, information and assets. It is therefore important to work with a trustworthy and reliable company when it comes to replacing banking equipment or installing ATMs.

Rhenus has extensive experience with customers in the banking industry. Besides the installation of ATMs, this also includes the relocation of entire data centres. We have developed special security measures for this:

  • Our special vehicles are equipped with GPS.
  • We always use 2-person teams for the delivery.
  • The equipment to be transported is securely packed in a cage or on a pallet.
  • All products come with a safety label.

In our high-tech warehouses, we can also carry out all necessary assembly and preconfiguration work. This makes installation at the point of use quick and efficient. We also ensure that sensitive data on disused ATMs is erased in a secure environment before disposal.

Digital advertising systems

A great deal of digital content is run on advertising and information boards, both indoors and outdoors: Be it electronic posters and traffic signs, advertising spaces in shops, large-screen projections or LED installations. Installing the systems requires careful planning and technical know-how. As such, digital screens and signage should be installed by professionals.

Rhenus offers a range of logistical services for digital displays and advertising environments, including the installation of LED screens and touchscreens at outdoor locations and retail shops. Kiosk systems of any size can be assembled in our pre-assembly areas in our high-tech warehouses.

Our fleet of vehicles is specially designed for the transport of sensitive products and is ideal for the delivery of digital screens and kiosks. For example, all vehicles are equipped with air suspension and padding. They also have load securing systems to protect your products during transport. We offer collection and disposal services in accordance with WEEE regulations at the end of the products’ life cycle.

Delivering sports equipment

As a partner to the fitness industry, we deliver your sports equipment and gym equipment right to the gym. Europe-wide. Our services include collection, storage, delivery, assembly, installation and maintenance as well as spare parts management.

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Delivering gaming machines

Our services for the gaming machine industry include machine collection, delivery, set-up and installation. Since our delivery vehicles range from vans to heavy trucks, we can move gaming machines with ease, almost regardless of size and number.

If needed, we pick up the gaming machines directly from the manufacturer, bring them to our warehouses and carry out the preconfiguration there. In this way, we reduce the time needed to install and configure machines at the point of use. Dead-on-arrival tests are also part of our service portfolio to check the functionality of vending machines.

Our technicians also provide regular maintenance and software updates to the machines to ensure that they are not only functional but also comply with all applicable regulations. Equipment that is no longer required can be disposed of by our experts in accordance with the WEEE Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (2012/19/EU).

Transport of IT

We handle the delivery of racks and servers, e.g. in data centres, as well as the relocation of IT equipment on behalf of our customers in the IT sector. We also assist our customers with the labelling of their IT hardware. In addition, we can safeguard equipment separately before transporting it to the point of use.

If desired, we also conduct an on-site inventory, create a concept and perform a risk assessment before delivery or collection. This allows us to carry out your order safely and effectively.

Virus protection

Clean air in confined and poorly ventilated spaces is essential, especially in times of a pandemic, to prevent the spread of viruses and contagions. This applies to kindergartens and schools as well as offices, cinemas, theatres, bars and restaurants. Mobile air purifiers with HEPA filters offer an effective remedy.

We install the devices on behalf of leading manufacturers of air treatment solutions. This requires skilful planning. In addition to often short tender deadlines, the spatial conditions must be taken into account during the preparations.

We plan the project, prepare a roll-out plan and handling instructions, if required, provide notification of delivery dates and take care of the transport and commissioning of the units, including instruction. Service and maintenance of room air purification systems round off our services as mobile room air purifiers have to be inspected regularly and the installed filters have to be changed.

Would you like to know more about our services? Read our case study and learn how we installed several thousand air purifiers for the Trotec group of companies in schools and kindergartens within a short period of time.

Partner for medical technology

As a long-standing partner to the healthcare sector, we make sure that medical equipment is delivered safely and efficiently to hospitals, laboratories, surgeries or hospices. Installing medical equipment such as surgical robots, CTs or MRIs is complex and calls for specific product knowledge. Thanks to many years of working in the healthcare market, our technicians have a wide range of expertise.

We also closely supervise the presentation of demo devices for the medtech sector with our comprehensive services in the area of demo pool management. We ensure the punctual provision of ultrasound equipment or surgical microscopes, for example, as well as the collection, reprocessing and replenishment of consumables and the deletion of sensitive patient data.


Services for office equipment

Copiers, scanners or individually configured large-format printers: Rhenus ensures that document and imaging systems reach the recipient undamaged. Not only do we use our special fleet to transport the products with care, we also use load carriers, some of which we have developed and patented ourselves. For instance, our reusable bobby pallet, which can be modified to suit different sizes and manufacturers, can be used for the delivery of unpackaged printers.

Office equipment is very often used intensively. Consequently, our services also include the return as well as the exchange and disposal of equipment at the end of its life cycle. This of course takes place in compliance with the applicable regulations on data protection and environmental protection.

Our employees are security-cleared and can therefore also work in data centres, government buildings and at airports and install live scanners or biometric devices, for example, while maintaining security precautions.

We act as a support centre, assist with technical customer care and handle inventory management in our high-tech warehouses. Our services also include pre-delivery device set-up, test printing and IP programming. We also carry out repairs and conversions for many manufacturers, as well as initial briefings and user training if required.

Vending machine installation

A snack, coffee or a ticket: vending machines are popular everywhere. But how do the vending machines get to their destination? Rhenus is your full-service partner for deposit return systems, beverage stations, bank machines and many other vending machines.

Even more services

Are you looking for information on other industries?. Contact us so that we can offer you a solution tailored to suit your needs.


Extensive range of industries

As a value-added logistics provider for high-tech products and specialist for the transport of sensitive equipment on the last mile, we have been leveraging our know-how for a large number of customers from different industries for several decades. We not only take into account the specific requirements that apply to the respective industry, but also the desired scope of services. Depending on your needs, you decide whether you want us to support you with a single service or the entire project.


European high-tech network

In Europe, we are represented by many of our own warehouses and technical centres. Our capacities are supplemented by TENESO, one of the largest European networks of high-tech logistics specialists. We also have the assets of the Rhenus Group at our disposal for global activities.


Special fleet for technical transports

To make sure that your products get safely from the logistics warehouse to your customers, we use specially equipped vehicles with air suspension, padded loading compartments and hydraulic lifting platforms. This ensures that even sensitive, large and heavy equipment is transported with great care. Furthermore, with us, your goods are protected against theft as our fleet is equipped with alarm systems and GPS.


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