Agricultural and food products

Logistics play a crucial role in this highly demanding industry.

Grains, oilseeds, animal feed, food, fertiliser and agricultural products are stored in suitable halls or silo facilities until further transport.

Agricultural and Food products

Agricultural and Food products

For many years we focuse on the specific needs of this market and by designing logistics concepts geared to optimise the various flows of agricultural and food products through Europe and the rest of the world.
Strong product knowledge contributes to safe and reliable transport, packaging and processing.  We handle sugar, malt, milk powder, rice, coffee, cocoa and food aid products. Rhenus Logistics Antwerp is also agent for the World Food Programme in Belgium.

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Storage technology for agricultural products

Temperature and humidity are subject to constant monitoring at warehouses and silo facilities. By employing the most appropriate technologies,  the highest quality storage with consistent levels of quality over long periods of time can be assured.


Certified for safety and quality

Rhenus Belgium and its preferred partners hold key certifications and standards for the storage, transshipment and transport of agricultural products. This includes ISO 9001 and respecting GMP+ (Good Manufacturing Practice) and HACCP prescriptions. Our focus is always on our customers  requirements and on the safety of the goods.


On-time delivery to the final destinatination

Besides the professional storage and handling of agricultural products, Rhenus Logistics also provides pre- and on-carriage transport services. Our port locations are situated at all important junctions along European waterways so you always have access to optimal connections for timely inland or international deliveries.