Connecting markets: Short-Sea Shipping

Short-sea shipping effectively connects industrial regions and markets. Regular scheduled services between major port locations save time and costs and provide an ecological transport means. Rhenus has long-standing expertise in short sea shipping with a wide network of locations.

Rhenus services for Sea-River transports

One of the core services of the Rhenus Group is ship transport. With more than a century of expertise, we provide sea-river navigation with coastal vessels within European waters as well as on rivers such as the Rhine, Danube, Seine and many of the connecting canals. We provide door-to-door service for your shipments by utilising all available transport means. Whether it is general, liquid, bulk, breakbulk or oversized project cargo - we transport any type of good.

Our options for your short-sea shipments

Ship_Transport_Full_Charter_dunkel/svg rhenus-icon/Ship_Transport_Full_Charter_hellShip_Transport_Full_Charter_dunkel/svg rhenus-icon/Ship_Transport_Full_Charter_hell
Full Charter

For shipments that fill a whole vessel, we can provide you with full charter of a ship. For this offer we use our own fleet of

coastal vessels and barges as well as third-party vessels. we always find the right short-sea solution for your shipment, depending on your requirements for type of good, size or weight and method of transshipment. We offer chartering for single voyages as well as time charter for longer periods or project time frames.

Ship_Transport_Part_Cargo_dunkel/svg rhenus-icon/Ship_Transport_Part_Cargo_hellShip_Transport_Part_Cargo_dunkel/svg rhenus-icon/Ship_Transport_Part_Cargo_hell
Part Cargo Shipments

For part loads, we consolidate shipments from our clients into one vessel and ship them to your chosen destination.

Ship_Transport_Door_to_Door_dunkel/svg rhenus-icon/Ship_Transport_Door_to_Door_hellShip_Transport_Door_to_Door_dunkel/svg rhenus-icon/Ship_Transport_Door_to_Door_hell
Door-to-Door Services

Especially for the UK market, we offer a door-to-door service in order to avoid excessive handling and prevent damages. The shipments are collected and shipped via scheduled service by barge or coastal vessel. At the British port of call, we then organise the final delivery to our customers.

Ship_Transport_Shipments_UK_dunkel/svg rhenus-icon/Ship_Transport_Shipments_UK_hellShip_Transport_Shipments_UK_dunkel/svg rhenus-icon/Ship_Transport_Shipments_UK_hell
Regular shipments to the UK

With a special focus on the British Isles, we provide sea-river transports from Duisburg and other inland waterway terminals to destinations in the UK and Ireland. These include just-in-time services for production facilities, automotive shipments for new vehicles as well as general cargo. The Rhenus Group operates scheduled short-sea services from different seaport locations along the German coast.

Ship_Transport_Ship_Transport_dunkel/svg rhenus-icon/Ship_Transport_Ship_Transport_hellShip_Transport_Ship_Transport_dunkel/svg rhenus-icon/Ship_Transport_Ship_Transport_hell
Shipping Agency

Rhenus provides shipping agency services at major European ports through our own offices as well as reliable partners. For our customers, we handle your shipments and cargo at the port and coordinate all activities.

Any questions?

Our experts are always there for you. If you wish, we will also call you back - convenient and straightforward.

Benefits of Rhenus short-sea services

  • Your reliable partner for the steel and aluminium, paper and forest industries as well as for bulk cargo such as grain, gypsum, sand and gravel
  • Specialist for Saimaa trade (Finland) and sea-river transports to the UK and Ireland
  • We operate across the North and Baltic Seas, the Bay of Biscay and the Mediterranean

Reliability through Experience and Expertise

  • Your reliable partner and expert with more than 100 years' experience
  • Short-sea transports with own vessels (deadweight all told DWAT of 1,200 up to 4,000 tons) to guarantee quality transport and delivery of your goods
  • Box tonnage assures perfect loading and discharging quality

Punctual deliveries to your desired destination

  • Door-to-door services avoid extra handling and prevent damages and deliver the goods directly to you, fast and reliable
  • Just-in-time deliveries ensure the timely arrival of the desired good or material for your production