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Our value-added services for warehousing

Rhenus New Zealand provides services that exceed your actual core business operations. We have always been at the forefront of having a service portfolio that ranges from packing, repacking, and labelling goods, rendering services for final customers and assuming responsibility for assembly and repair work. We provide innovative ideas to support your commercial needs in Europe and the global marketplace.

All our value-added services are aid by dedicated training programmes in collaboration with our customers.

We are committed to the assembly and repair work of your products. We provide innovative ideas to support your commercial needs includes the repair service for faulty electronic devices.

The international or local movement of goods is an essential feature of the modern business world. The production and delivery of local products require precise planning, efficient transportation and immediate implementation of storage facilities.

We offer same- and next-day delivery and pre-sorted delivery depending on your needs.

We perform unique services such as the transport of hazardous, temperature-controlled, medical, or pharmaceutical goods. Leverage our precise planning in using the relevant modes of transport and leverage our intermediate storage space.

Our carrier management allows for the option of least cost routing and full track & trace.

Upon request, we attach product-specific certificates to the respective products and provide archive services for these certificates.

The Rhenus warehouse management systems provide the opportunity to monitor your suppliers’ stocks in the same warehouse infrastructure where your products are stored. During procurement, the transparent transaction shows the transfer of ownership with or without moving the goods.

You can benefit from consolidated logistics costs for you and your suppliers, fast processes and zero transportation costs.

The requisites put in place by the national authorities can be demanding, which can cause express shipments to delay due to slight problems. Therefore, professional customs clearance is essential. Rhenus New Zealand has decades of experience as an international services provider. We manage all the relevant administrative work for our worldwide customers include fiscal representation. Thus, we achieve prominent competitive advantages for your supply chain.

The growing need for personalisation has inspired Rhenus to invest in industrial embroidery machinery and software. This investment allows our experienced team to turn around orders within hours. This service enables orders with tailored features, flexibility, and options for complex or demanding specifications.

Orders include sewing initials embroidery on bathrobes and names on school uniforms or sportswear. We have the tools and expertise to handle these requests based on your specifications and high standards.

In addition to embroidery, we perform small sewing tasks like sewing on buttons.

Filling and mixing

The packaging used during production is often not ideal for the transportation of goods to the customer. Therefore, we transfer products from original containers into customer-specific units, adapting the size following the market requirements.

Colour mixing for paints according to customer requirements is gaining popularity. Hence, we provide this service based on customer specifications and fill them into customer packaging.

We offer flocking services for your textiles include tricots and other materials with the flex printing process. Rhenus promises optimal quality for your logo or sponsor imprints in compliance with the given guidelines.

Foiling is essential to protect products from dirt and the smallest dust particles. For the electronics industry, special foils protect sensitive products against damage. We supply and use scaleable packaging individually based on our customers’ intentions.

Our services include delivery and assembly of your furniture. We offer various additional services such as unpacking, assembly, positioning, receipt and recycling of packaging.

On top of secure shipping packaging, gift packaging has become imperative in the logistics industry. Rhenus New Zealand provide you with the chance to deliver your goods gift-wrapped seasonally and all year round. We provide gift-wrapping for individual products and several products combined into one gift packaging.

When products are traded in a global marketplace, meeting and complying with the individual country’s specific labelling legislation is needed to avoid breach of trading regulations. This compliance also applies to products traded across various e-commerce platforms.

Rhenus has a skilled team proficient in labelling and relabelling a variety of products like merchandise or apparel. Our service includes changing swing, security or Kimball tags and specific requirements such as repositioning and repricing. Rhenus New Zealand employs accuracy, speed and possesses experience and knowledge to meet the retailer’s needs. We can translate bar code stipulations to reflect the data specifications of the retailer’s customers, such as processing items for various shopping platforms, opening alternative routes to market.

Oversized items

Rhenus offers warehouse services for bulky and heavy items using cranes and heavy load forklifts to manage oversized or overweight items. If your products do not fit the standard bins or pallet bay spaces, liaise with one of our warehouse solutions specialists to find the best solution to suit your needs.

As our appreciated customer, you leverage beyond our supply chain excellence. We meet your day-to-day requirements by offering a complete order-to-cash solution that strives to reduce your administrative strains and related expenses. Our portfolio of logistics services is well known throughout the industry and has an established track record. Keeping our quality standards in check, we continue to extend our services at the front and back end with additional customer services and financial services.

Safe and protective packaging is essential for any business. Rhenus will package your products include repacking from original cartons into new packaging, co-packing different orders, inserting products or simply packing them to secure the products during transport. We assemble your products and goods into their final packaging for delivery.

We assist your manufacturing process by pre-assembling items for the building of sets.

We provide up-to-date printing processes to suit your requirements. For fast-moving industries like fashion, media, or pharmaceuticals, it is essential for the business to monitor efficient stock levels and react to changes quickly. We print the company logo on your textiles, insert important papers onto your parcels or print magazines only when necessary to prevent overproduction and save costs.

Quality control

With many products outsourced from overseas vendors, retailers often need assurance that products arriving at their customers’ sites are fit for purpose and fulfil their brand promise.

Rhenus understands the significance of brand integrity. Therefore, we offer quality control and inspection services to ensure the items meet retailers’ detailed specifications. This procedure includes inspecting, testing products, either through spot checks or constant monitoring, highlight any defects, measure the quality and the performance of these vendors.

We do our part for the environment by recycling all kinds of materials.

Catering to changes in consumers' buying behaviour, retailers need to have an efficient solution for processing returns to stay competitive.

Consumers expect returns to be processed as swiftly and efficiently as the front-end ordering process without having to wait for days to receive credits, exchanges or replacements.

The ability to conduct these returns promptly is essential for fostering customer loyalty at this stage of the fulfilment process. At Rhenus, we recognise this importance and the competitive advantage that comes with it through a resilient and consistent returning process.

We provide international support for effective returns management, catering to your needs. Furthermore, our experts can accept return and collect the goods to arrange for return to the central warehouse or point of return. We then assess the products for any damages and carry out possible adjustments. Undamaged, unused devices can be repackaged, relabelled, and will be swiftly placed back on stock in the warehouse. On the other hand, damaged goods are recycled or thrown away. Rhenus also has trained personnel to manage the returns process of contaminated products.

It is important to take samples regularly to meet the high-quality requirements of the market. Especially for ​​hazardous substances and pharmaceuticals, it is essential to issue an ongoing statement regarding the quality, texture, and composition of the stored products.

For textiles and clothing, we provide ironing and steaming services before dispatch or within the return. For Rhenus, we value the importance to send your fashion products of optimal quality to your customers.

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