You can see railways and lots of containers.You can see railways and lots of containers.

Supply Chain Solutions

We plan and organise your transportation - on land, water and in the air. Beyond our transport solutions, we also provide advice and offer you a range of value-added services that aid your supply chain optimisation.
You can see aman in between containers and a plane in the sky.

Industry Solutions

Logistical needs vary for every industry due to the different special requirements. In collaboration with you, we develop the ideal logistic solution for the efficiency of your supply chain.

Supply Chain Visibility

With the neutral 4PL platform, Rhenus Supply Chain Visibility, you can create transparency for your supply chain, combining all transportation modes. Features include full order and shipment tracking with integrated document management, KPI reporting and predictive alerting.

Commodity Logistics

Rhenus New Zealand handles everything from regular truck loads and rail shipments to containerised freight along all modes of transport. As an independent freight forwarder, we choose the most efficient way of transport to provide a complete supply chain solution according to our customers' needs.

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