Heavy haul solutions for various branches

Rhenus offers project logistics transports for a variety of branches and sectors, including the energy, renewables, petrochemical, industrial and machinery, factory installation and relocation, hospitality and construction industries. Below, we present case studies for these specialised solutions.



Implementing the change in energy policy, also called energy transition, is creating huge challenges for the logistics sector. Extremely heavy components and foundations have to be moved safely from their production site to their point of use and assembled there. We offer efficient solutions for storage, handling and transporting these units and their components for manufacturers, suppliers and operators.

For example, we transport onshore wind power towers from the heart of the country to the nearest port, transship them on board sea-going vessels and then transport them to their place of deployment. Our employees keep an overview of your transport chain at all times and not only handle the planning work, but the documentation and customs clearance as well.


The demand for both renewable and fossil energy sources is growing. Some of the regions rich in oil and gas supplies are located in North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, South America and on the Caspian Sea. Technical expertise is necessary to search for and pump the raw materials – in this case, crude oil and natural gas. We support you with our logistics expertise so that you can develop your exploration sites and have the supplies on hand. We also transport components for refineries and complete oil platforms. One major focus of this work is in North Africa. We have our own offices in the Libyan capital of Tripoli and in the Tunisian coastal town of Gabès.

We can handle your transport operations within the Maghreb countries by working with our partners. If needed, we can make use of our European network at any time, too. As a result, we manage to combine local knowledge, extensive capacity and Western European quality standards. Our employees have many years of experience in the oil and gas sector.

Our partners also have a top-quality fleet of vehicles, which not only includes trucks, but also multi-axle desert vehicles capable of transporting up to 100 tonnes, heavy-duty equipment, mobile cranes able to handle payloads of 500 tonnes, storage space and warehouses. This equipment enables us to reach even remote extraction sites without any trouble and these vehicles can also make their way to desert regions where the transport infrastructure is still underdeveloped.

But that is not the whole story: we do not just offer pure transport services from A to B, but also logistics services for oilfields. This work includes providing service containers and overnight containers for the employees working on the platforms. If required, we can also manage the supplies of spare parts. This means that we guarantee rapid deliveries of parts to the oilfield and the drilling platform and minimise costs for downtimes.

Industry and machinery

Cross-border cooperation is often necessary in a globalised world economy when companies manufacture clothing, vehicles, entertainment electronics and many other goods. This also applies to plants and machines designed and built to produce industrial and consumer goods. These days, it is the exception rather than the rule for the needed components to come from a single manufacturer or just one country.

Our project specialists ensure that the complete plant or special individual components in machines are transported to their place of use punctually and without any damage. We plan the project logistics chain so that large cargo units, which come from more than one country, arrive at the place where they are needed exactly on time. Some of the plants and machines that we have transported in the past include heavy generators weighing 380 tonnes, cranes as well as parts of a pressing plant, which weigh up to 300 tonnes.

Factory installation and relocation

Increasing dynamics of global markets and the strategic changeability of production are continuing to gain importance. The installation of new factories or the relocation of existing sites is a mammoth task for any company. Decisions must be carefully considered because they have long-term consequences and later changes are only possible with much time and resources. Rhenus supports your company in handling all logistic tasks so that you can remain focused on production.

The dismantling and relocation of used industrial equipment requires management of the following challenges:

  • Estimation of transport volume in the absence of cargo specification (which is usually the case)
  • Organisation of dismantling and packing of cargo, whereby the coordination between dismantling and packing companies must be given
  • Issuing of cargo specification
  • Management of temporary storage for dismantled equipment (separation into dismantling, packing, loading and customs control areas)
  • Ordering of handling equipment like cranes, forklifts and staff
  • Management of handling operations
  • Ordering of transport equipment
  • Development of securement measures for transportation, all the way to issuing of operational manuals
  • Issuing of transport documentation
  • Management of customs formalities

The installation of industrial equipment at its new location includes:

  • Storage management for delivered equipment incl. 
      a. Storage plan
      b. Ordering of handling equipment and staff
  • Unpacking of cargo including stripping of containers
  • Coordination with installation company