Value-Added Services for Intermodal Transport

Apart from your intermodal transport requirements, value-added services provide support along the entire supply chain to ensure the successful delivery of your goods from door to door.

Dangerous goods

Rhenus New Zealand ensures proper handling and transport of hazardous cargo include LQs, in limited quantities. Unique information and documents may be necessary to plan and organise the shipment. Our specialists are ready to provide quality service for almost any category of hazardous goods to be handled and shipped.

Cross-border transport

Rhenus New Zealand ensures proper customs clearance following local customs regulations catered to your requirements. We can help you import or export your goods either with an individual Rhenus office or through a subcontracted third party. In Russia, we have our own customs broker licence and a terminal on the border between Russia and Belarus.

With our local presence, we can help you in organising transit formalities for your shipment from the port of arrival to your preferred inland customs clearance point. We can start our transit declarations by using our in-house customs clearance licence.


Rhenus New Zealand provides customised transport insurance solutions that secure the monetary value of your shipment against all possibility of physical loss or damage from any external cause during transportation, whether by land, sea, or air. You can manage the financial impact of loss or damage efficiently, especially for goods that are sensitive to damage.

You can benefit from our high-tech and secured indoor and outdoor storage facilities at any worldwide port locations through our flexible warehouse solutions. Our highly qualified staff can handle all types of cargo carefully using modern equipment. Rhenus New Zealand provides storage availabilities for multiple days directly at your local Rhenus branch close to the seaport, regardless of its size and shipment duration. You can also negotiate for longer-term storage with our in-house contract logistics specialists.

Rhenus New Zealand has shipping containers that act as temporary storage facilities to store cargo with unsuccessful delivery. They located either at the port of entry, exit or at the destination. Such storage containers can be managed with our container fleet and then subsequently places greater leeway and competitive rental costs at your disposal.

Rhenus New Zealand offers container repair services at different depot facilities in Europe and Asia. Upon receiving your approval, we will repair all your containers professionally, following international standards as requested.