Rhenus Project Logistics Route Surveys

As part of our technical services, Rhenus Project Logistics in-house engineering department conduct route and road survey during the transport planning to ensure smooth delivery of goods.




Rhenus provides technical services such as budget calculation, project planning and project implementation. To undertake these services, we conduct preliminary route survey and road survey to gather information. Using these data collected, we will develop and finalise the transportation plan. 

Our options technical services

Rhenus Project Logistics conducts consultation with our project clients to construct different parts of the project. We also have feasible logistic studies, undertake preliminary route survey and calculate the necessary transport equipment for the smooth delivery of the project.

We take charge of road survey and fixing of necessary logistic equipment for the transportation. We are also responsible for final consultations with our partners and the preparation of the preliminary method statement.

We will handle the final transport planning and supervise the whole transport operations. This supervision involves calculation and control of lashing devices as well as management on the job site.

Preliminary road surveys and feasibility studies

Krabi Power Plant in Thailand

Feasibility study conducted for delivery of a 420 ts transformer to Krabi Power Plant in Thailand.

Angola in Africa

Feasibility study conducted for road transportation of 80 ts transformer in Angola, Africa


Rhenus Project Logistics uses the same systems and adheres to the same quality and compliance standards, with decades of experience. Despite being situated in Tokyo, we have operations nationwide and a vast network around the globe. We strive to offer individualised logistics solutions to cater to your individual needs for the best charter services available. With exemplary customer service and representatives on hand 24 hours a day, we make the end-to-end process as seamless as possible.


  • Rhenus Project Logistics provides transparent and competitive pricing options to best suit your needs
  • Quality service with decades of experience as a logistics service provider
  • Regular updates to keep customers updated at each stage of the journey
  • Never compromising on security or safety throughout the transportation of goods
  • Detailed customs declaration policies


We appreciate how time is of the essence for any transportation needs, especially perishables. Hence, Rhenus Project Logistics provides the most efficient charter services on the market. With a dedicated team of customs clearance specialists, the customs process following transportation can be as fast as possible.

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Any questions?

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