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Pre- and on-carriage transports at the port

Seaports and inland ports represent the supporting pillars of freight traffic. However, they are rarely the starting or destination point within a transport chain. Rhenus Sankyo Logistics K.K. organises all pre-and post-carriage for you, regardless of what kind of goods are being transported.

Our ports as trimodal logistics hubs

Our ports as trimodal logistics hubs

We have several trimodal logistics hubs at intersections along coasts and waterways. These hubs interlink the various modes of transport such as trucks, trains, inland waterway vessels and ocean-going vessels for reliable transport chains. When designing customised logistics concepts, we ensure that they are implemented as sustainably and cost-efficiently as possible.

High flexibility through trimodal connections

We perform trimodal transhipment services at our port locations using flexible, state-of-the-art technology. We also provide high-quality storage of your goods for handover.


Quality and safety in transport

  • Provision of special equipment suited to the requirements and nature of your goods
  • Our certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 50001, GMP+, waste management company, AEO, federal immission control [BImSchG] authorisations for handling, storage and treatment of waste
  • Continuous investment in infrastructure and superstructures resulting in continuous quality improvement

Reliable delivery to the point of destination

The extensive range of equipment available at our terminals puts us in a position to handle your goods and cargo with great speed and efficiency. Our ports are an integral part of many national and international transport chains. We make sure that your shipment reaches its destination, be it your warehouse, your production facility or the receiving address of your customer.


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