Heavy-Lift And Overdimensional Cargo Transport

Rhenus Project Logistics supports your transportation of bulk goods, break bulk, heavy-lift cargo and more. Our transport services are carried out with our assets or with our partners. We store goods in suitable facilities that satisfy all regulations.



Rhenus has over 30 years of experience in handling high and heavy cargo as well as global projects. Through using digital systems, we enable real-time cargo tracking and documentation to monitor the process and keep you updated at every stage. Rhenus Project Logistics provides various services depending on your needs, such as conventional break bulk, Ro/Ro, out-of-gauge, inland trucking and rail services. We aim to find the ideal solution to transport your cargo safely and economically.


We have established and proven experience in shipping conventional and break bulk cargo from structural steel to complex and oversized heavy machinery.
We select the type of vessel for each shipment based on your needs and the cargo type. In collaboration with you, Rhenus Project Logistics develops the ideal solution for your transportation needs and understands that each commodity requires different handling.

A Ro/Ro (Roll-on, Roll-off) vessel is an ideal option for oversized cargo that would usually require unique heavy lift vessels. These vessels are about 120 metres long and 21 metres wide, with a cargo capacity of 122 TEUs and about 1,000 lane metres. They have an onboard crane able to lift 80 tonnes, side doors for breakbulk cargo, and accommodation for refrigerated goods. 

Out-of-gauge (OOG) is an excellent option for transporting large cargo which does not fit in regular containers. Flat rack and open-top containers can handle goods that would otherwise require a conventional vessel to carry. The outcome is more frequent sailings, more reliable arrival times and significant ocean freight savings.

Inland Trucking Services

Rhenus Project Logistics can arrange truck transport for regular loads, oversized and heavy cargo, refrigerated goods and containers, and specialized cargo and equipment. If necessary, we can also arrange customs clearance at borders as part of our transport package.

Rail Services

For heavy and long cargo, rail services are the ideal solution as it does not require any special transport permits or escort vehicles. Rhenus Project Logistics selects the best type of railcar and transport routes. Additionally, we can arrange container transport by rail, using double-stack systems if possible to save on transportation costs.

BENEFITS OF Heavy Lift-Over Dimensional Transport

  • Rhenus understands your viewpoints and think in your interests
  • We have decades of experience in providing quality services and ideal logistical solutions
  • We provide transparent and competitive pricing options to best suit your needs
  • We never compromise on security or safety throughout the transportation of goods

Our value-added services

Rhenus Project Logistics provides competitive prices with customisable value-added services by our highly qualified employees based on your individual needs to offer the best logistical experience.



  • We promise to operate in fair business competition
  • We promise to use integrity in our business dealings
  • We promise to separate corporate and private interests
  • we promise to cooperate with public authorities
  • We promise to respect human rights and create proper working conditions

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