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Langarri Logística starts its expansion into Cantabria by opening its first branch office

Langarri Logística, a company within the Rhenus Group specialising in regional parcel and pallet transport, is extending its growth strategy in the north of the Iberian Peninsula by launching its first facility in Cantabria and announcing new operations within the region over the next year.

Langarri Logística has opened its first facility in Cantabria with a branch in the municipality of Heras, 14 kilometres from Santander. The Basque company, part of the Rhenus Group structure, is focusing its expansion plans on the Cantabrian region to position itself through new operations that will materialise in the coming months.

"Our objective is to develop rapid growth in Cantabria by 2023. It will allow us to expand the coverage of our parcel and pallet services in the north of the peninsula and extend our consolidated leadership in the Basque Country," assures Andoni Izquierdo, member of the Management Committee of Rhenus Road Spain.

The new location will allow Langarri to implement its Midday service in Cantabria, which it already provides in the Basque Country and which consists of morning pick-up and delivery in the afternoon, or afternoon pick-up and delivery the following morning. "This service has become a logistics standard for the Basque industry and we believe that it will also be a success for Cantabrian companies," considers Andoni Izquierdo.

Langarri intensifies investment to boost growth

The company's growth plans include extending its network of services and facilities to territories bordering the Basque Country. In this sense, Langarri already has a dense structure of seven warehouses strategically distributed in the three Basque provinces and Navarre, which allows it to offer coverage in these territories, and also in La Rioja, Miranda de Ebro and the southwest of France.

The recent investment in Cantabria follows those made in recent years by Langarri Logística to adapt and expand its logistics facilities to improve its services and guarantee the satisfaction of its customers. The most recent operations include a new warehouse in Hernani and the expansion of the logistics centre in Elgóibar, both in the province of Guipúzcoa.

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