Rhenus value-added services (VAS) in the UK Rhenus value-added services (VAS) in the UK

Rhenus value-added services (VAS) in Ireland

Rhenus Ireland offers a wide range of value-added services aimed at releasing value and reducing overall supply chain costs for customers across multiple industries.



Rhenus Ireland operates its own dangerous goods transport network in Ireland, supporting the chemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural and other industries.

This is backed up by an experienced team and a real time track and trace system capability on our network vehicles.


With many of the products we store destined for manufacturing production lines, basic quality control checks and as-needed product rework may be required.

Rhenus in Ireland understands the importance of material integrity and provides quality control and inspection services to ensure that the suppliers’ product meets our customers’ stringent specifications. This procedure includes examining and testing products, either through spot checks or constant monitoring, to highlight any defects and to measure both quality and performance.

Quality Control Inspection


When you entrust the distribution of your goods to us, you can rely on a high level of quality in last-mile delivery.

As a leading logistics specialist in Europe, we have both the necessary network and the capacity to transport your products quickly and flexibly to the point of use. We are partner to both high-volume and focused customers from a wide range of industries including medical, fitness, high tech, industrial and banking.

  • Protective equipment for use during delivery, e.g. drive-over and floor plates
  • Special equipment including stairway armour and risers, heavy-duty lifters and rollers as well as transport tools
  • Two-person handling for large equipment
  • Qualified and comprehensively trained employees
  • Unpacking, return of packaging and subsequent disposal
  • Return and, if necessary, disposal of old equipment
  • Positioning, placement and installation of units


Rhenus Ireland offer a comprehensive vendor managed inventory suite of services for multiple industries. Supporting our customers’ goal of more streamlined processes, reductions in safety stock and a more stable supply chain.

One that delivers reduced cost via increased inventory turnover and reduced risks to the production cycle.



Rhenus Ireland offer both linefeed and kanban services to a wide range of industries, in addition to customer specific on-site services. Supporting our customers’ goal of more streamlined processes and reductions in supply chain cost base, in addition to freeing up customer staff for more value adding work activity.

Packing, Co-Packing, Repacking and Inserting


Rhenus Ireland understand maintaining the history of service user care and the related archiving of medical records in a compliant and efficient manner is extremely important. The service Rhenus Ireland deliver for the medical industry supports the workflow of the clinical and administrative functions within an organisation for healthcare professionals and other relevant staff.

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