You can see a truck from inside being loaded. You can see a truck from inside being loaded.

LTL transport solutions for you

Partial loads, also known as less than truck loads (LTL), refer to the transportation of goods occupying only a portion of the trailer. Rhenus in Ireland offers specialized LTL transport services, wherein your goods are consolidated and transported in a dedicated truck, allowing you to share the transportation costs with other consignees.



For shipment sizes between groupage and full loads, part load (LTL) shipments by Rhenus are the fastest, most flexible, efficient and cost-effective solution. Freight consolidation offers better delivery fees and minimises costs. Combining your shipments with other companies and sharing space on a truck also reduces your environmental impact along the supply chain.

Our part load solutions for your goods

  • Our worldwide presence and international logistics network enable us to provide you with fast and safe deliveries
  • Our qualified employees manage with urgent and complete transport requirements and offer you a national and international freight logistics solution at the highest level
  • Our trucks are on the road every day. Rhenus in Ireland offers you loading space for your part loads as well as a great deal of flexibility for your individual needs
  • Partial shipments are consolidated in one truck and directly transported to the point of use without using a Rhenus hub
  • For LTL transports, we offer you the same flexibility as usual, meaning we transport most types of goods, regardless of their weight, size or special requirements
  • We provide extensive services and are here to advise you about freight handling and legal requirements
  • Our express service provides you with solutions for time-sensitive shipments


Our additional road freight services

Benefits of Choosing Rhenus LTL Services

  • Utilises Rhenus' large European Road Freight network
  • A cost-effective solution, without comprising quality
  • Reduced environmental impact - by sharing a truck with other goods, your shipment reduces its environmental impact.

Never compromising on quality

  • Even without a full truck for your goods, we continue to provide a reliable, safe and punctual delivery for your goods.
  • Thanks to our strong IT solution we continue to provide visibility of your shipments throughout their journey on our trucks. 
  • Trusted and dedicated partners ensure quality right across Europe and beyond.

Cost-effective, but still time-effective

  • While LTL doesn't have the same level of flexibility as a full truck, or express service, our shipments are planned to ensure goods are moved to their destination in a punctual, time-effective manner.
  • Experienced customs experts ensure that no matter how you move your goods, your goods will move seamlessly through the border, irrespective of customs requirements.