Customs clearance, consulting and technology

Rhenus Ireland provides a variety of customs services, including export and import procedures, transit and bonded warehousing, customs consulting and automated customs technology solutions.

We enable smooth trade

We enable smooth trade

We are your trusted partner for handling EU and UK customer declarations arriving in Ireland via various transport modes including:

  • Air
  • Ocean
  • Courier
  • Road

Our team ensures the compliance and efficiency you need for your customs processes.

Customs clearance services
Rhenus provides customs clearance for your goods

Customs clearance services

Our experienced team can handle customs formalities at any location in Ireland, ensuring a smooth and compliant process for your imports and exports.

As an authorised customs broker, we submit the required customs export declarations and supporting documentation to the government bodies (e.g. customs and tax authorities) on your behalf when exporting your goods.

We submit the obligatory import declaration and supporting documents to the customs authorities on your behalf when importing goods. In addition, to facilitate your border crossing, we can offer financial services for the payment of the required customs duties, excises and tax to the customs authorities.

Transit is a customs procedure that allows uncleared goods to be moved under customs control across borders and countries. A guarantee is required to secure all potential customs debts. As an authorised operator, we can fulfil the required transit declarations and offer financial services to cover the required guarantee.

Customs special procedures allow you to temporarily use, process or repair your goods and get partial or full relief from import duties, or in some cases duty suspension. Our customs experts can submit the required customs declaration, e.g., for inward and outward processing, customs warehousing, and temporary admission.

Customs warehousing allows uncleared goods to be stored in a designated location within the customs territory without being subject to import duties or other charges related to the import of goods or commercial policy measures (such as import licenses).

Customs Consulting

Our customs experts support your trade strategy
At Rhenus Ireland, we have a team of experienced customs professionals committed to helping you navigate the complexities of international trade. Our expertise lies in creating tailor-made customs solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers.

With years of experience and continuous training, we bring a deep understanding of customs to the table. Our specialists are well-equipped to provide valuable insights and support for various trade-related challenges that may impact your business.

Our team can support streamlining your trade operations. Through navigating necessary customs application processes, we can ensure your business stays compliant with the latest regulations.

By connecting with our team, you can overcome your challenges with ease.

Customs technology solutions
Meeting legal requirements and creating efficiency

Customs technology solutions

Our customs technology solutions offer seamless connectivity while ensuring high compliance and transparency.

Our Customs Control Tower is an all-in-one solution for automated customs and risk management processes. Through our Customs Control Tower, we utilise your data to enable your entire customs process to be digitalised from start to finish.

At Rhenus Ireland, we go beyond meeting regulations; we exceed them to protect our customers and ensure the success of our business. In the dynamic world of international trade, the significance of sanction screening cannot be overstated. As government rules change rapidly, our sanction screening plays a crucial role in keeping our customers on the right side of the law, shielding them from legal and financial consequences.

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