Warehouses and Logistics Solutions in Singapore

Rhenus Singapore offers warehousing management and value-added services pursuant to industry standards and practices, leading to continuous improvement, operational control, cost-effectiveness, long-term efficiency and minimised liabilities.


Rhenus Singapore: Your Warehousing expert

Rhenus Singapore's warehouse is located near the port of Singapore. The facility features an area of 10,000 square metres, 7,000 pallet locations and 13 container docks. The warehouse caters to general cargo storage, Zero-GST (bonded) and licensed warehousing, allowing us to store alcohol with the duty suspended at various temperatures in a temperature-controlled environment. The strategic warehouse location provides easy access to Malaysia via the Tuas 2 Link, which is also the gateway for our cross-border trucking into various ASEAN countries. 




  • One site
  • 10,000 square metres
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, BRC, AEO and TAPA

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High Quality Services

  • Highly secured facility with surveillance 

  • Dedicated customer service support 

  • Professional warehouse management system 

  • Accessible and located in an uncongested location 

  • Well-trained and experienced warehouse personnel 

  • One-stop solution for all your needs across different logistics fields 



  • General Cargo Warehouse: Ambient, A/C 22 degrees 

  • Bonded Warehouse: Zero GST 

  • Licensed Warehouse: Wine and beer storage, ambient, A/C 22 degrees, A/C 16 degrees, chilled 5 degrees



  • General Cargo 

  • Spirits like wine, liquor 

  • Food like cheese, tomatoes, avocado 

  • We have dedicated van drivers at the ready for milk runs and cross-country deliveries to restaurants, shopping malls and wherever it is needed 


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