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Rhenus commits to employment and the promotion of supply chain professions at the Biennale de la Logistique

As an active member of Pil’es (Pôle d’Intelligence Logistique), Rhenus is a major partner of the fourth Biennale régionale de la Logistique (Regional Logistics Biennale). On 14 March, Rhenus will open the doors to one of its warehouses in Saint-Quentin Fallavier, near Lyon, to local elected officials and institutions, as well as the press. Job seekers will also be invited to visit the site on 23 March, followed by a job dating event.

From 2 to 30 March 2023, Pil’es is organising the fourth edition of the Biennale régionale de la Logistique, the leading event for promoting the attractiveness of the logistics sector in the Rhône-Alpes region (https://www.biennale-logistique.fr/).

Rhenus is one of the leading globally-operating logistics service providers. With its French head office in Vaulx-Milieu (Isère, France) and six warehouses with a total storage capacity of 115,000 m² in the Nord-Isère region and around Lyon, Rhenus Logistics France is a major contributor to the regional economy, providing high value-added logistics services to a range of manufacturers and distributors.

Rhenus will be taking part in a number of events at the Biennale. On 14 March, Rhenus will give local elected officials and partners a tour of its multi-client warehouse, where it provides logistics for a major player in the food industry.

On 23 March, Rhenus will open the doors of one of its sites in Saint-Quentin Fallavier to jobseekers and retrainees, and will introduce them to logistics professions during a discussion with employees at the warehouse and the head office. Rhenus will thereby help make these professions more visible and improve the sector’s attractiveness.

During the Pile’s job dating event in Villefontaine, the Rhenus HR teams will meet with candidates and present the available positions, ranging from forklift operators, order pickers, to support functions at the warehouse and head office. With over 300 employees in its Lyon cluster, Rhenus Logistics France is one of the main employers in the regional logistics sector.

Rhenus is proud to be represented by one of its employees at the Forklift Drivers’ Championship (Championnat des caristes), which recognises the contribution of these essential workers within warehouses. The competition showcases the skills and expertise of the region’s best forklift drivers, highlighting their technical skills, know-how and professionalism through theoretical and practical tests in categories 1.A, 3 and 5.

“As a major economic player in logistics in Isère and the Rhône regions, we’re delighted to be supporting Pil’es in its commitment to developing and promoting the logistics sector. This year at the Biennale, we’ll be aiming to strengthen our partnership, in addition to enhancing awareness for the essential role played by logistics zones and their regional and economic challenges”, stated Laurent Schuster, CEO of Rhenus Logistics France.

About Rhenus

The Rhenus Group is one of the leading logistics specialists with global business operations and annual turnover amounting to EUR 7 billion. 37,500 employees work at 970 business sites and develop innovative solutions along the complete supply chain. Whether providing transport, warehousing, customs clearance or value-added services, the family-owned business pools its operations in various business units where the needs of customers are the major focus at all times.