Our value-added services for warehousing

Rhenus Czech Republic offers you services that go beyond the actual core business.


We provide a wide portfolio of services that ranges from packaging, repackaging and labeling of goods to providing services to end customers and taking responsibility for individual assembly and repair work. We offer creative ideas to support your business needs to provide services in Europe and the global market.

Completing, packaging, repackaging, wrapping

Completing, packaging, repackaging and wrapping are the most provided value added services. In case of storage in our warehouse we provide completion of shipment, packaging for transportation and delivery to the customer. Whether it is repacking from original cartons into new packaging, co-packing different orders, inserting products and goods or simply packing them in order to secure the products during transport and to protect them: We assemble your products and goods into their final packaging. In case of FTL deliveries to our HUB centre, we provide deconsolidation, completion of new shipments, packaging for transport and delivery to customer.

Tagging and labeling

Your shipment or your product will be equipped by logo, tag, label or price tag according to your requirements. Our trained and experienced team proficient in labelling and relabelling of all product types ensure proper and smooth execution of your requirements. We employ accuracy as well as speed and have the experience and knowledge to ensure that the retailer’s requirements are adhered to. 

Consolidation and deconsolidation

Consolidation and deconsolidation is closely linked with cross-dock and hub-and-spoke technology. Your shipment will be transported to the nearest HUB centre and is consolidated there. Then it is sent to the HUB centre that is closest to the place of delivery to which it is ultimately delivered. Your national shipments will be delivered within 24 hours. For international transport, delivery times depend on the means of transport. Rhenus provides consolidation and deconsolidation services, especially in Central and Eastern Asia and America, where direct lines are scheduled.

Quality control

With many products sourced from overseas vendors, retailers often require assurance that products arriving at their customers’ sites are fit for purpose and fulfil their brand promise.

We understand the importance of brand integrity and provide quality control and inspection services to ensure that the items meet retailers’ stringent specifications. This procedure includes examining and testing products, either through spot checks or constant monitoring, to highlight any defects and to measure the quality and performance of these vendors.

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