Rhenus ship transport services for your freight

Shipping is one of the basic services of the Rhenus group. Our activity in the field of logistics services began on the Rhine River and our company still uses the Latin version of this river’s name in its own name.

Short sea shipping and inland navigation

Short sea shipping and inland navigation

Whether you need transport in the hinterland along one of many international rivers and canals or want to ship your goods across the sea, we can offer you the right solution including pre-carriage and onward carriage services. 


Our offers for your shipments

  • European coastal shipping
  • River-sea shipping
  • Door-to-door services
  • Chartering services
  • Ship agency
  • Customs clearance

Benefits of choosing Rhenus ship transport services

The Rhenus Group has been a household name for ship transport for over a hundred years. In addition to excellent long-term partnerships with relevant port and shipping companies, we utilise our own ship fleet and assets at our own port locations to provide you with complete, transparent 24/7 service.

Rhenus Ship Transport Locations Worldwide