Landbridge logistics: The Silk Road rail link

The landbridge connects China, Russia, CIS and Europe by rail and follows one of the oldest trading routes in history.

Rhenus designs and manages overland rail supply chains along this route. With our presence in every country along the New Silk Road, we ensure your cargo is in capable hands.



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When to choose our landbridge service

When to choose our landbridge service

The landbridge service is a possible alternative or addition to our air and ocean services. When ocean transport takes too much time and airfreight is too expensive, rail is what you are looking for.


Rhenus serves not only China and Europe. We have extensive rail experience in Russia and the CIS countries through our intermodal service. In addition, via China, the landbridge can reach several South East Asian countries. Rhenus ensures reliable transit times and fixed departure schedules.

Landbridge Routes

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Why use the New Silk Road?

The landbridge ensures excellent rail connections between China and Europe that will add efficiency to your supply chain. By using various routings, Rhenus makes rail a stable and reliable transport solution. Besides efficiency, which will speed up your supply chain and reduce overall logistics costs, rail transport is sustainable: the landbridge transports your cargo in an eco-friendly way. Rhenus offers solutions along the entire New Silk Road with offices in China, Europe, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia.



Rhenus stands for operational excellence

Dedicated and skilled landbridge teams in every country along the rail trajectory ensure safe transport of your cargo and timely deliveries. Rhenus integrates local presence with intercontinental know-how.


Landbridge adds value to your cargo

Fixed departure schedules, combined with reliable transit times and supported by Rhenus know-how, give you a competitive advantage for your cargo. Whether you need a sustainable replenishment solution for your production lines or require that your goods be at their points of sale on time. The landbridge is the ideal mode of transport for you.


Any questions?

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