Rhenus in the Czech Republic

Rhenus has been operating in the Czech Republic since 1993. It currently has three branches. The main one can be found in Chrášťany near Prague. Another is in Modřice near Brno and in Ostrava.


Rhenus in the Czech Republic: Facts and Figures

Facts about the Czech Republic

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Road Transport

Our three branches (Chrášťany, Modřice and Ostrava) provide complete and cost-effective logistics coverage of the Czech Republic.

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Main Industries

The main branches of industry in the Czech Republic include the chemical, engineering, food and metallurgical industries.

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Warehousing services have been offered in the Czech Republic since 2019. Now we can offer almost 30,000 square meters of storage areas for your business in Chrášťany, Ostrava, Brno and Mošnov.

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Airports of the Czech Republic

We provide air connections with all international airports in IATA.

Rhenus locations in the Czech Republic