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Warehouse logistics innovation

Continuous improvement forms the basis for keeping our warehousing solutions innovative. We consistently scrutinise existing processes and solutions and create innovative technologies that we make available to our customers.


Innovation is more than just technology

Autonomous high-reach forklifts, robot-supported storage and order-picking systems, storage system optimisation based on big data – when it comes to warehousing innovations, we are true pioneers.

For us, this also means testing new technologies.

We shape the future of logistics together with our customers and our employees. Motivation, perseverance and curiosity as well as the efficient handling of setbacks are what it takes to create successful innovations. Even mistakes are valuable to us, as they show us how to improve our warehouse processes on an ongoing basis.

We shape our growth and evolution in cooperation with start-ups that develop tailor-made solutions and rethink warehouse logistics together with us.

The aim is to ensure that identified innovations are fully exploited and built to be useful over the long term. We do this by:

  • Identifying potential for improvement
  • Developing solution proposals
  • Performing trial runs in our own warehouses
  • Assessing and implementing the innovation
  • Unlocking potentials

At Rhenus, we have identified the following focal areas to date.

Innovation map


The robotic arm that lends a helping hand to employees

  • The robotic arm was programmed in-house. This allows us to define the areas of application fully independently.
  • The loading and unloading of pallets – in other words, monotonous and repetitive processes – is where COBOT enters the picture.
  • The use of the arm boosts efficiency and motivates employees, whose workload is reduced as they no longer have to lift heavy objects themselves.

Cleaning robot

A clean warehouse at all times 

  • Maintaining a clean warehouse is essential for our work.
  • We employ autonomously moving cleaning robots to keep our warehouses clean around the clock.


Data mining provides valuable process insights 

  • Motion mining technology offers us the possibility to analyse manual processes automatically.
  • This enables us to improve ergonomic aspects and the efficiency of our processes.
  • We are among the first companies to implement this technology.

Loading 4.0

Secure loads thanks to IoT technology 

  • The solution guarantees error-free loading.
  • Bluetooth sensors above the loading gates communicate with the employees’ hand-held terminals to ensure that the right pallets have been loaded in the right truck.
  • This reliably prevents loading errors.
  • Pallet loading is documented by means of an image.
  • This technology is particularly suitable for processes involving hazardous materials.

Autonomous Guided Vehicles

Flexible support for our colleagues 

  • Reflector-based navigation enables autonomous movement through the warehouse.
  • The forklifts help our employees during peak times.
  • We are also happy to accommodate special requirements – such as lifting heights of up to 10.8 metres.


The chameleon of warehouse logistics

  • Whether in “follow me” mode, as an automatic tractor unit or self-propelled conveyor belt – EffiBOT is a highly versatile helper.
  • Together with manufacturer Effidence, we continuously create new innovative solution concepts.


Efficient warehouse organisation 

  • A goods-to-person solution that has completely changed the makeup of our warehouses.
  • The goods are stored in boxes that are put together like a magic cube.
  • Robots bring individual boxes to the check-out station, where they are picked up by our employees.
  • This results in an optimised utilisation of the available space.
Innovation Automation Technology Autostore Tilburg Contract Logistics

Inventory drone

Inventory from a new perspective 

  • The recording of stock levels is a process that adds little value.
  • We use the drone to automate inventory in our logistics warehouses. 
  • This means that idle times can be put to productive use, and the technology also allows our employees to avoid working at dangerous heights.
You can see a warehouse from inside.

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