Value-added services for warehousing

With our diverse experience across different industries, our portfolio of services ranges from packing, repacking and labelling goods to software updates and repairs. Our local delivery capabilities up to the last mile provide the platform for our robust returns process.


If the product requires repacking from original cartons into new packaging, co-packing different orders, inserting products and goods or simply packing or palletising them in order to secure the product during transport, we package the product for you. 

As an integral part of the retail journey, Rhenus South Africa arranges the collection, returns the stock to the relevant warehouse, and carries out an assessment.

Unused and undamaged goods are returned to stock, while damaged goods are recycled, disposed or quarantined for further instruction. Resilience and consistency are critical to this process.

At Rhenus South Africa, our team is proficient in the labelling and re-labelling of products, specifically when it comes to conformance to global trade compliance and replacement of inserts.

Speed and accuracy are critical to ensure your product gets to market on-time.

We transport your cargo directly from our warehouses to you or your customers.

Our facilities are designed for handling all types of cargo and our fleet of vehicles is equipped with roller beds and tail lifts that ease the delivery and handling of large volumes of cargo.

The timely execution of last mile, small parcel deliveries - whether as home delivery or business - can be challenging.

Our Rhenus Express service provides deliveries on a same-day, next-day or economy service throughout our network across South Africa.

Our multi-tiered approach and meticulous attention to detail ensure we leave no stone unturned to safeguard your cargo and the people involved in delivering it.

From armed escorts to vehicle traps, our secure facilities and 24/7 surveillance processes assist in minimizing the risk and creating a safe passage for your cargo.


At Rhenus South Africa, we leverage the amount of data we collect because of the services we provide.

By creating customised dashboards and automated scheduled status reports, we help you manage through exception by identifying and measuring the key milestones and KPIs, allowing you to focus on your core business.

At Rhenus South Africa, we integrate ourselves within our clients’ ERP systems, enabling the collection of vast amounts of data relevant to your supply chain.

With the integration, you have access to real-time dashboards and automated scheduled status reports that are available 24/7.

The results are improved efficiencies, faster processing, a reduction in errors and overall cost savings, creating a mutually beneficial partnership.

Rhenus Logistics is a SARS accredited broker and our experienced in-house customs team o facilitates the most efficient clearing process for your cagro.

  • Fiscal representation
  • Pre-clearance
  • Tariffing and assistance with tariff determinations
  • Value determinations
  • SARS accreditations
  • Registration of bonded facilities and rebate stores
  • Permit applications
  • Refunds
  • Determinations and inspections

With 750 locations worldwide and over 33,000 logistics experts, the Rhenus Group - and locally, Rhenus South Africa - facilitates all your freight forwarding requirements.

We expedite shipments from point of manufacture to the final point of distribution and beyond.

Through our established partnerships with reputable carriers, we move cargo along all the major trade routes, whether air freight, ocean freight or road transport. Serving a wide range of industries, we consolidate freight and in so doing we optimise speed, cost and reliability.

The nature of transporting goods carries a certain amount of risk. Together with our broker, Rhenus offers competitive insurance coverage for almost all types of cargo in order to reduce your financial exposure in the event of loss or damage.

Brand integrity is intimately linked to the quality of the product you deliver.

Our quality control services include the stringent inspection and testing of product, either through spot checks or constant monitoring, highlighting possible defects, assisting with supplier performance, and ensuring the delivery of a quality product every time.

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