Es ist eine Gruppe von Menschen in Business Kleidung zu sehen.Es ist eine Gruppe von Menschen in Business Kleidung zu sehen.

Our Values

Our company is much more than the sum of all our knowledge and skills. It is our culture, our actions and our origins that hold the Rhenus Group together and give us our identity.

But what makes the Rhenus Group stand out?

Each of the 33,000 plus colleagues is likely to answer this question with a similar, yet still individual answer. This is why we, together with many national and international employees and managers, have gone through an internal value process and further developed and specified our well-known values.

Here are the results:

The five Rhenus Values

Rhenus combines more than 100 years of logistics experience, customer understanding and teamwork. Our history, the knowledge we have accumulated and the know-how we have gained can be summarised into five main values.

You can see a woman measuring fabric.You can see a woman measuring fabric.You can see a woman measuring fabric.You can see a woman measuring fabric.
Customer-Focused Solutions

Customer-Focused Solutions

  • Understanding requirements
  • Providing solutions
  • Shaping the future


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    You can see a lady dance in front of Rhenus trucks.You can see a lady dance in front of Rhenus trucks.You can see a lady dance in front of Rhenus trucks.You can see a lady dance in front of Rhenus trucks.
    Employee Orientation

    Employee Orientation

    • Being respectful
    • Valuing competence
    • Promoting development


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      You can see a person doing sports in front of some container.You can see a person doing sports in front of some container.You can see a person doing sports in front of some container.You can see a person doing sports in front of some container.
      Entrepreneurial Spirit

      Entrepreneurial Spirit

      • Developing ideas
      • Taking responsibility
      • Ensuring success


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        • Living values 
        • Keeping promises
        • Providing security


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          • Acting for the long term 
          • Connecting generations
          • Remaining independent


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            The value process

            How our values were formed

            Who are we? What do we stand for? And where are we headed? In order to explore these questions, 160 experienced leaders and 60 international junior employees from the Rhenus Group joined forces in 2017.
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            Read the latest news from the world of Rhenus and receive comprehensive information about our company.
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            Gain an insight into the 100-year history of the Rhenus Group and learn more about the company's development.
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            Working at Rhenus

            As a globally operating logistics service provider, we can help you set a professional mark. We offer you opportunities to independently advance ideas and consistently develop your talents. You will be supported by fair superiors and more than 33,000 colleagues worldwide.

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            Customer-Focused Solutions

            Understanding requirements – providing solutions – shaping the future

            We understand our customers’ business and shape the future together with them. Using experience and flexibility, we create suitable solutions for your individual requirements. We back this commitment with our decentralised organisation, our high levels of IT competence and the innovative spirit of our employees.

            Satisfied customers are the basis of our success. With proactive action and absolute commitment, we nurture long-term and reliable relationships every single day. Our customers value us as equal partners because, thanks to our deep understanding of logistics processes, we can offer them real added value. Using our extreme flexibility and high levels of IT competence, we see meeting our customers’ individual requirements as a welcome challenge. We do not dwell on the past or obstacles, but concentrate on finding the right, pragmatic solution for our customers. Undeterredly looking ahead and focusing on positive aspects makes us strong, both externally and internally.

            Employee orientation

            Being respectful – valuing competence – promoting development 

            We make a difference because we are the heartbeat of the company. Each and every one of us plays a part in contributing to our mutual success, with knowledge, motivation and commitment. That is why mutual respect and appreciation are a top priority for us.

            The professional competence and entrepreneurial energy of each individual is a decisive factor for our success. This is why everyone who wants to grow finds the best conditions here, with an attractive working environment and personnel development that is firmly anchored as a strategic goal. 

            We are a large team and each one of us has their own unique abilities. As a family business, we look out for one another and treat each individual with respect. 

            Entrepreneurial spirit

            Developing ideas – taking responsibility – ensuring success 

            We develop ideas, provide new impetus and take things into our own hands. Thanks to our decentralised units, it is easy to provide enthusiastic contributions and develop major momentum together. This is how we shape not only our future, but also the future of our customers.

            As a family business, we encourage entrepreneurial spirit from each and every team member. With its many market-focused business segments, our decentralised structure helps us to do this. We believe in the intelligence of the community and use this to create pragmatic, results-orientated solutions for our customers. On the basis of individual requirements, we develop standards that make life easier for everyone. To develop initiative, we provide encouragement, trust and support. We are happy to accept isolated errors in order to achieve more energy and performance for ourselves and our customers.


            Living values – keeping promises – providing security 

            We share common values and adhere to them. This creates trust and provides security, both internally and externally. In this way, we ensure long-term relationships and sustainable success, both for ourselves and our customers.

            In our family business, personal exchange is our top priority. By working together, we can develop solutions, simplify processes and accelerate success. While state-of-the-art IT systems help us to do this, our personality is what really establishes trust. Thanks to our down-to-earth attitude, honesty and high levels of commitment to the common cause, we give our customers and colleagues the peace of mind of having the right partner at their side. Security and mutual trust allow us to survive temporary crises, because the overriding desire for joint success remains in focus. 


            Acting for the long term – connecting generations – remaining independent 

            We act with a view to tomorrow. For generations, we have been committed to long-term relationships and sustainable success. We continuously shape change.

            Our world is changing. And this is happening in ever shorter cycles. For over one hundred years, our company has been continuously developing. For us, continuity means remaining curious and open to new ideas. In this way, we can shape the future. Since we are financially independent and solidly positioned in the third generation of the family, we can do this calmly and with the future in mind. Developing a personal and trusting relationship, we look after our customers and partners over many years.