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Warehousing solutions for e-commerce

The dynamic development of e-commerce has changed consumers’ behaviour around the world. New technologies and unlimited access to the internet now make shopping available at your fingertips. Logistics for e-commerce is driven by sales peaks, fast growth of sales and a significant share of returns.

Flexible e-commerce logistics with Rhenus

Logistics for e-commerce has a considerable impact on building the customer experience in B2C online sales. The Rhenus Group offers flexible and effective e-commerce logistics using automation and innovative solutions. Our dedicated and multi-user warehouses provide the full scale of fulfilment services. Customised processes, advanced IT solutions and vast experience in online sales logistics are indispensable for a fast and smooth implementation and perfect performance of e-commerce logistics.

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Fashion industry

Frequent seasonal changes of collections and sales peaks that are difficult to forecast characterise the fashion industry in e-commerce sales channels. Our comprehensive e-commerce logistics for the fashion industry includes a wide scope of services, ranging from tailored warehouse management systems and consistent standards for clothing folding and packaging to stock keeping unit management, late order cut-offs and personalised packaging as well as modelling and photo studio services.   

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Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Manufacturers and distributors of FMCG products need a logistics provider who not only understands the demands of the fast-paced marketplace but is also able to respond with agility and competence. Our systems and processes allow us to respond promptly to consumer demand for fast-moving, short-lived products with full traceability, batch numbers and expiry dates. The Rhenus Group has experience of dealing with nutritional products, office supplies and everyday dry products such as coffee and tea.

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Toys & Games

The Rhenus Group has extensive experience within the toys & games sector, offering an omni-channel solution and handling volume seasonality with ease, using the latest IT and warehousing systems, processes and distribution networks. Our systems allow least cost routing through multiple carriers ensuring a successful final-mile delivery providing a competitive edge for our clients. Rhenus locations are close to all the major parcel carrier hubs for late ecommerce cut-offs on same day and next day orders.

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Home & Lifestyle

Home & Lifestyle is a broad product category containing textiles, accessories, small furniture and equipment. Our warehousing solutions for this industry consider the great variety of goods such as fragile glass products and products of various sizes, like carpets. The Rhenus warehousing process has adjusted storage strategies and handling operations for these various products. We implement smart picking and packing strategies in order to optimise processes and cost of last-mile logistics.

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Media & Merchandising

As a logistics service provider for the media industry, our focus is on the responsibility for speed and punctuality. Rhenus offers you bundled purchasing, neutral storage and individualised order processing. Our print-on-demand solutions in the print business guarantee you up-to-date information and reduced stocks.

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Nursery products

The nursery sector is a dynamic industry, focused on quality, safety and product integrity. Speed to market is paramount. Rhenus fully appreciates the necessity of protecting the brand promise and preserving the loyalty of end consumers. Consequently, we offer a complete solution consisting of storage, picking, packing and shipping – and ensure that all steps are performed on time and in full, every time. Our facilities and distribution channels support both small and larger items, ranging from teethers and soothers to car seats and pushchairs.

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Beauty & cosmetics

Rhenus understands the importance of exceeding customers’ expectations to ensure the perfect brand experience is delivered time after time. Inventory management, brand protection and security are important aspects of the beauty and cosmetics industry. As our clients include retailers, suppliers and e-retailers, we provide a true end-to-end supply chain solution. Our service also includes a range of value-added services, providing a true multi-channel offering.

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Small home appliances

E-commerce logistics for small home appliances is characterised by seasonal increases and a number of value-added services such as labelling and inserting. Taking into account the various assortment of sizes of these products, Rhenus implements a corresponding stock management and storage strategy. Quality control and premium packaging are required for fragile goods. Returns management and preparation for resale involve expertise in terms of the products, their series and models as well as technical knowledge.

Benefits of Rhenus e-commerce solutions

  • Multi-user and dedicated warehouses around the world    
  • Customised e-commerce logistics
  • Experienced teams
  • Available warehouse space with high potential for further expansion
  • Inventory management, value-added services and returns management
  • Advanced IT solutions
  • Speed of response to volume fluctuations
  • Excellent inventory and storage management

International e-commerce quality you can rely on

The Rhenus Group operates worldwide warehouse facilities for e-commerce order fulfilment at strategic locations. With customised fulfilment operations, proximity to last-mile logistics providers and convenient cut-off times, we send out significant volumes of orders to individual customers across the globe. We ensure the quality of your shipments by replicating the full brand experience through our value-added services.

Growth potential and flexibility

E-commerce sales channels, with their unexpected growth and seasonal fluctuations, are challenging. The development of the corresponding logistics is an integral part of this, both in terms of volumes and the markets served. The Rhenus Group offers customers new warehouses that have a potential for further growth and innovative solutions. We also manage final-mile carriers with full track & trace, nationally and internationally.

Our Value-Added Services

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