Silo transport of bulk materials by truck

Rhenus provides comprehensive services for free-flowing bulk materials that go well beyond mere transportation. We not only handle silo transport, but also take care of individual planning and complete execution of the entire supply chain.

Your logistics partner for bulk materials

Your logistics partner for bulk materials

Our focus on silo transport, which pertains to the transportation of bulk materials, especially dusty and free-flowing goods, is primarily within the construction and plastics industries. This enables the efficient transportation of large quantities of bulk materials via road or rail. We rely on our own Rhenus fleet, specifically equipped for these tasks, dedicated storage areas, and the expertise of a silo transport company. Our contact persons have years of specialised knowledge and are available in person at our locations in Germany and the Netherlands.

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Thanks to our storage capacity and unpacking capabilities, we are able to ensure the entire supply chain from the port to on-site silo storage for our customers who source bulk materials from overseas. This includes handling the delivery and import of packaged goods via sea freight containers, import customs clearance, storage, and our unpacking service. Furthermore, we are equipped with silo truck loading facilities and weighing equipment.

Blending damage

Our equipment allows us to quickly respond to incidents or accidents involving bulk materials in the case of spills or accidents, swiftly containing and safely disposing of the contaminated materials on-site.

Silo transport of bulk materials

Our services in the field of silo transportation encompass the reliable and swift transport of your pourable and free-flowing goods from point A to point B. We provide both regular transport solutions and single shipments within Germany and the adjacent European regions.

Industries for which we operate in the field of silo logistics:

We are an indispensable part of the logistics in the construction industry, ensuring that all dusty and free-flowing construction materials reach their destination punctually and reliably, whether it's for local, long-distance, or cross-border transport, wherever our customers require them.

We transport not only construction and plastic materials that are positioned at the beginning of our customers' value chain, but also all dusty and free-flowing products that are located at the end of this value chain as waste and recycling materials.

Our main task is to transport plastic granules and powder for customers in the plastics industry using our silos.

In addition to the construction, plastics, and waste disposal industries, we transport dusty and free-flowing bulk materials for other industries such as wood pellets, industrial minerals, or agricultural products with our silo transport services.

Individual silo logistics solutions for your company


Thanks to our own storage areas, we can temporarily store dusty and free-flowing goods. This ensures that you receive your goods exactly when they are needed.


Our own fleet

Our modern fleet, with its various silo trailers, always provides the best means to accommodate your silo transport needs with the right equipment.


Digital solutions

With digital invoice delivery, document exchange, order transmission, and modern track & trace, you are always well-informed about your transports at any time.


Our certificates

Our certifications distinguish our quality management systems in several respects. As a result, we meet standards at the international level.

Frequently asked questions:

A silo transport refers to the transportation of bulk materials, especially those that are dusty or free-flowing, using specialised vehicles known as silo vehicles or silo trailers.

A silo vehicle typically consists of a closed container known as a silo. This silo can come in various sizes and shapes and is designed to protect the bulk material from external influences such as moisture, pollution, and contamination during transport.

Silo transports are widespread in various industries, including agriculture, construction, food industry, chemicals, and many others. They enable the efficient transport of large quantities of bulk materials by road or rail.

Dusty and free-flowing bulk materials such as building materials, plastic granules, waste products, hazardous materials (ADR), agricultural products (GMP+), animal by-products, industrial minerals, wood pellets and similar bulk materials are suitable for silo transport.

Yes, temporary storage is possible after the silo transport has been completed. After the bulk material has been safely transported to its destination, it can be temporarily stored in facilities such as silos, warehouses, or other suitable storage facilities. We are happy to find a customised solution for your goods.

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