FCL Shipping along the Landbridge

Full-container load (FCL) transports are the way to go on the Landbridge. Although we provide or can lease all kinds of containers, the 40’ High-Cube container is most commonly used. FCL provides the shipper full transparency, a high level of control and a secure supply chain.

FCL: Landbridge Efficiency with Rhenus

With Landbridge FCL, Rhenus offers a viable and efficient transport solution - faster than ocean freight, more economical than air freight. With fixed departures and reliable transit times, your supply chain will gain the momentum that creates a competitive advantage for your goods. We offer you the option of rail carrier containers or own Rhenus containers, depending on your requirements.

If your cargo has other needs, Rhenus offers LCL and consolidation services.

Landbridge Routes

North corridor

To Europe:
Chinese Hubs: Suzhou / Shilong / Ganzhou / Changchun / Shenyang / Wuhan

To Russia:
Chinese Hubs: Guangzhou/Dongyang, Ganzhou, Wuhan, Yiwu, Suzhou, Yantai, Shenyang, Nanjing

Middle corridor

To Europe:
Chinese Hub: Zhengzhou

To Russia:
Chinese Hubs: Zhengzhou, Chengdu, Shanghai

South corridor

To Europe:
Chinese Hubs: Chengdu / Zhengzhou / Wuhan / Yiwu / Hefei / Xian / Chongqing / Xiamen                                                                                      

To Russia and/or to Central Asia:
Chinese Hubs: Xian, Chongqing, Qindao, Lianyungang

Our Value-Added Services for Landbridge

Landbridge_Custom_Clearance_blau/svg rhenus-icon/Landbridge_Custom_Clearance_weissLandbridge_Custom_Clearance_blau/svg rhenus-icon/Landbridge_Custom_Clearance_weiss
Customs Clearance China, Europe, CIS and Russia. Import and Export.

The Rhenus Group ensures competent customs clearance in compliance with all Landbridge customs requirements and regulations. We ensure your goods are imported and exported in the correct manner.

Landbridge_Warehousing_blau/svg rhenus-icon/Landbridge_Warehousing_weissLandbridge_Warehousing_blau/svg rhenus-icon/Landbridge_Warehousing_weiss
Warehousing Smart Storage

We offer flexible warehouse solutions in all countries along the New Silk Road. Our highly qualified staff are capable of handling all types of cargo and modern equipment ensures a safe handling of your goods. Even longer-term storage can be facilitated through our in-house contract logistics specialists.

Landbridge_Packaging_blau/svg rhenus-icon/Landbridge_Packaging_weissLandbridge_Packaging_blau/svg rhenus-icon/Landbridge_Packaging_weiss
Packaging Get your cargo ready for the Landbridge

Rhenus packs, repacks or resizes your individual shipment according to your needs. Lashing and securing of containerised cargo for the Landbridge has its own specifics, for which we have the needed expertise. The Rhenus Group assures the protection of your cargo and meets defined quality and handling standards. Our specialists are ready to provide quality service for any category of cargo repacking operations.

Landbridge: We get your cargo to where it is neede

Along the New Silk Road, Rhenus offers departures from all Landbridge railway stations throughout China, Europe, the CIS and Russia. We can handle door-to-door, station-to-station, door-to-station and station-to-door transports.

Operation Excellence: Our Focus

The safety of your cargo and timely deliveries are at the core of our service. This is ensured by the dedicated and skilled Landbridge teams in every country along the rail trajectory. At Rhenus, we integrate local presence with international know-how.

Added Value for your cargo

Our specific know-how as well as our service regarding fixed departure schedules and reliable transit times will give you a competitive edge. The Landbridge is also the right way for sustainable replenishment solutions for your production lines or time-sensitive shipments to the points of sale.

Any questions?

Our personal sales or dedicated operational key contact will assist you with all necessities for your train transport.

Landbridge Container Stuffing Requirements

Here you can download relevant documents:

General requirements
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