Special Services for Offshore Wind Farms

Beyond the port logistics and transport services, offshore wind farm projects often require specialised services - from solutions for innovative campaigns to supplementary offers such as seabed scanning, bunkering, staff provision or buoy solutions. Rhenus can help you in this regard.

Rhenus - the wind farm all-rounder

There is much more to an offshore wind farm than just the installation and maintenance of the platform and the wind turbines. Rhenus offers a wide range of supporting services that help round out your wind farm project - as an all-encompassing turnkey solution or as single services.

Our wide range of additional wind farm services

Offshore_Offshore_Contracting_dunkel/svg rhenus-icon/Offshore_Offshore_Contracting_hellOffshore_Offshore_Contracting_dunkel/svg rhenus-icon/Offshore_Offshore_Contracting_hell
Offshore Contracting

The Rhenus Group offers project-specific solutions for your offshore campaign. This includes vessels, expertise, professional personnel, tools as well as the required administration.

Projects such as walk-to-work or corrosion campaigns need special organisation and implementation. We can assist if large components need to be replaced or even audited via drone inspections. Seabed scans, side or sub bottom scans and debris removal with remotely operated vehicles or divers are within our portfolio, as are platform washing, tank cleaning, pipe flushing and tank inspections. We also offer offshore bunkering and debunkering.

All our services are provided from one source and include a feasibility analysis, charter management and project coordination.

Offshore_Provision_Offshore_Personnel_dunkel/svg rhenus-icon/Offshore_Provision_Offshore_Personnel_hellOffshore_Provision_Offshore_Personnel_dunkel/svg rhenus-icon/Offshore_Provision_Offshore_Personnel_hell
Provision of Offshore-Certified Personnel

Logistics experts play a key role for the successful realisation of offshore projects. We can provide you with professionals with different qualifications according to your need, both on a short-term or long-term employment basis. The expertise covers activities and procedures both on land and on jack-ups or platforms at sea.

Offshore_Marine_Spread_dunkel/svg rhenus-icon/Offshore_Marine_Spread_hellOffshore_Marine_Spread_dunkel/svg rhenus-icon/Offshore_Marine_Spread_hell
Marine spread and construction/commissioning services

A complex marine spread and services are needed for the construction and commissioning of offshore windfarms. We offer these services from one source. This includes the provision of accommodation platforms (jack-up) or hotel vessels with a feeder concept as well as guard vessels or emergency and response vessels (ERRV).

Upon demand, we offer a project office at the quayside as well as a marine coordination center. For your projects, we prepare and implement the needed catering.

Offshore_Buoy_Solutions_dunkel/svg rhenus-icon/Offshore_Buoy_Solutions_hellOffshore_Buoy_Solutions_dunkel/svg rhenus-icon/Offshore_Buoy_Solutions_hell
Buoy Solutions

Each wind farm is a construction site offshore, which needs to be marked accordingly. We provide marine marking solutions consisting of fully IALA-compliant solutions including buoys, lanterns, communication and mooring systems. We also provide deployment, maintenance and recovery operations.

Whether they are cardinal buoys, mooring buoys or measuring buoys, we offer the purchase or rent of buoys for your project. In addition, we deploy, maintain and recover the buoys as a turnkey service. On the quayside, we provide short- and long-term storage solutions.

As with all our service, we also offer risk assessment

Any questions?

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Benefits of Rhenus offshore windfarm services

  • Provision of professionals with different qualifications
  • Short-term or long-term employment basis
  • All services from one source including feasibility analysis, charter management and project coordination
  • Full marine spread including guard vessel, ERRV, CTV, PSV, W2W and JUB/JUV

Quality services to make your projects a success

  • Expertise both on land as well as on jack-ups and platforms at sea
  • Marine Coordination Center
  • Marine marking concept fully compliant to IALA

On-time service provision

  • We provide short- and long-term storage solutions at the quayside

Our other Offshore Services