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Logistics solutions for medical devices require specialist know-how. Professional handling is crucial for storage, transport, positioning and assembly at the place of use. Rhenus offers top-level high-tech logistics to make sure that your equipment arrives undamaged and ready for use.



An efficient healthcare system depends on professional logistics partners to move medical equipment which is often vital. With our medical logistics, we ensure that hospitals, doctors’ surgeries and laboratories can concentrate on diagnoses and therapies.

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Whitepaper: More quality for medical equipment

Many manufacturers of medical technology use their own technicians to set up equipment in clinics and medical practices. They could be using these resources in service and sales. Outsourcing to a specialised value-added logistics provider is worthwhile in order to concentrate on your core business.


Our services for medical technology

Modular or bookable as a complete package

We also pursue our holistic 360-degree approach, which is based on the product life cycle, in our modular logistics offer for the medical technology sector.

Warehouse logistics


High safety standards are not only required in the health sector. In high-tech logistics, too, our motto is: Safety first. Every year, our employees receive instruction in occupational safety, as well as in health and environmental protection. We regularly undergo internal and external audits in order to guarantee the highest level of quality and safety. For example, all our locations are certified in accordance with ISO 9001, 14001 and 50001. In this way, we ensure that both smaller equipment such as endoscopes and ultrasound units and larger medical technology products such as dental units and surgical microscopes are stored in a professional and safe environment.


Standardised as well as product-specific equipment is essential for the transport, assembly and disassembly of medical devices. This means that even heavy and bulky products can be moved from A to B in a safe and controlled manner, where they can be professionally assembled and connected.

The tools we offer for safe handling of your goods include:

  • Patented bobby pallet for fast, product-friendly handling
  • Special handling equipment to move even huge units with precision
  • Stair climbers and armour
  • Stretch and bubble wrap as well as corner protectors
  • Special plates to protect floor coverings
  • Installation tools


  • Germany-wide high-tech network supplemented by specialised partners in other European countries
  • Co-owner of TENESO, one of the largest European networks of high-tech service providers
  • Direct access to worldwide capacities in the areas of supply chain solutions, warehousing and multimodal transports of the Rhenus Group


  • Maximum flexibility on the last mile
  • Modular services that can be combined to meet the different needs of medical technology manufacturers and wholesalers
  • Own vehicle pool (special fleet), which is particularly suitable for transporting sensitive medical equipment


  • Certified mechanics and electricians for international deployment
  • Experienced and trained technicians who know device specifics
  • Configuration of devices, software installations, repairs, maintenance, reprocessing and data deletion in our own technical centres

Find out more about our range of services for specific medical segments:

Demo Pool Management

The demonstration of the latest devices is of crucial importance for the medical technology sector as the products are of high quality and correspondingly cost-intensive. Many manufacturers of medical technology devices therefore offer their potential customers such as hospitals, rehabilitation clinics and medical practices the opportunity to test demo devices in line with the motto ‘try before you buy’. This is often done in direct practice use.

For smaller devices such as ultrasound, endoscopes and incubators as well as larger products such as surgical microscopes and diagnostic devices, we can handle your complete demo pool with our specialist MTS Medical Transport Service.

Diagnostic devices

Diagnostic imaging has become an integral element of contemporary medical technology. Yet exactly how do sensitive computer tomographs (CTs), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or even digital X-ray machines reach a hospital’s radiology department undamaged? Professional handling, special transport equipment and suitable vehicles are needed to transport such large diagnostic devices.

Quote: Mark Steinbach

We have extensive knowledge of the complex requirements of manufacturers in the fields of diagnostic imaging and radiation therapy. As a technical value-added logistics provider, we are therefore the perfect partner for transporting and installing diagnostic devices.

Mark Steinbach Executive Product Manager Medical at Rhenus High Tech

Not only do we take care of safe transport, but also of floor protection as well as the positioning and mechanical installation of these sensitive and sophisticated devices at their final place of use.

We also provide these services for a leading global supplier of diagnostic imaging systems for its entire product range in many European countries.

Dental equipment

Serving as a partner to leading dental dealers, we handle the pre-collection of dental equipment, dental devices and surgery furniture from various suppliers, consolidate them at our locations (merge-in-transit) and ensure that the complete goods are delivered at the agreed time. Our employees ensure that the goods are brought to the final place of use and that the consignment is unpacked. If desired, we can also assist in the assembly. By consolidating the various deliveries, which we can flexibly adapt to the wishes of your customers, dental practices save a lot of time and effort and benefit from reduced disruption to their workflow.

Quote: Ralph Decker

We know the logistics requirements of dental customers and can also cover peaks in demand with customised concepts.


Ralph Decker Managing Director of Rhenus High Tech

While you concentrate on procurement, we take care of the European-wide delivery to your customers in the dental industry on the last mile. We have been working for market leaders in the German dental trade for several years.

Medical robots

Experts expect medical robots to revolutionise the healthcare sector. In order for these highly specialised devices to be used, it is the task of experts like us to ensure that they can be transported from the manufacturer to the operating theatre of a clinic undamaged.

For example, we have been commissioned by a UK medical device company to transport and set up a robotic surgical system specifically designed to deliver better treatment outcomes and meet the needs of surgeons, patients and operating teams. Accuracy, control, dexterity and depth perception enable more accurate procedures.

Are you interested in finding out more about logistics in the field of robotics and medical robots?

Room air purifiers

Certified room air purifiers with HEPA filters have been in increasing demand at the very latest since the COVID-19 pandemic. Be it in schools, day-care centres, offices or catering establishments – in closed rooms where many people regularly gather, air filters ensure a reduction of the virus load by up to 99 per cent. But delivering them to the place of use is not enough. To prevent contamination, the filters installed in the air purification units must be checked regularly and replaced if necessary.

Quote: Sven Haltermann

Thanks to our nationwide network of locations and technicians, we can respond quickly and flexibly meet our customers’ requirements.

Sven Haltermann Key Account Manager at Rhenus High Tech

In addition to coordinating schedules with the authorities and operating companies of the facilities, our service portfolio includes the provision of suitable transport vehicles as well as installation and commissioning plus instruction in the use of the air purifiers. We can also take care of maintenance for you, including equipment testing and the replacement of used filters.

Optical devices

Be it in dental microsurgery, ophthalmic or neurosurgery: the areas of application of surgical microscopes for the high-precision treatment of patients are many and varied. Apart from optical magnification, surgical microscopes are also used for digital visualisation.

Surgical microscopes with visualisation systems can weigh several hundred kilograms, including transport packaging. However, not only are they quite heavy, they are also very sensitive and must be transported with the utmost care.

We provide manufacturers of large optical microscopes and instruments with services such as project coordination, transport, delivery to the place of use, positioning and installation, as well as demo pool management, together with our specialists at MTS Medizinischer Transport-Service.

Laboratory equipment

Laboratory equipment for medical and pharmaceutical applications encompasses a wide variety of devices: autoclaves for laboratory sterilisation, laboratory diagnostic and analytical equipment, laboratory workstations, laboratory refrigerators and freezers, precision scales, mixers for mixing processes as well as temperature and humidity meters.

We handle the distribution and delivery of sensitive laboratory equipment on the last mile. We ensure the safe delivery of all ordered equipment and furniture to the laboratory within our high-tech transport network. Once there, we unpack the goods for you, position them and hand them over to your technicians or to the end customer.

Our high-tech unit’s trained and experienced specialists take care of all services related to laboratory equipment and furnishings.

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