Installation of charging stations

The expansion of e-mobility is a central component of the energy transition. As a partner of renowned companies, we ensure safe transport of your electric charging stations to the point of use. On site, our delivery teams take care of the installation on the foundation.

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Installation with precision

Installation with precision

Fast charging stations have a weight of up to one ton and must be securely anchored to the foundation. Trained employees, special vehicles and transport equipment such as gantry cranes are required for damage-free delivery and installation. We take care of the entire project management, including transport, installation and connection. Our central contact person is available to you at all times to deal with your concerns.

Intense preliminary planning

We plan the details in good time before the scheduled installation. This is indispensable for successful project realisation and includes coordination with the customer with respect to the conditions at the point of use, scheduling of vehicles and delivery teams as well as coordination of crane equipment and electricians.

We offer our clients a central and competent interface, thus significantly reducing possible time losses. Despite the best preparation, delays on the construction site or in civil engineering and weather-related circumstances such as strong winds or cold weather can mean that installations have to be postponed at short notice. In such cases, we stand by our clients with a high degree of flexibility.

Clients like ABB E-mobility Germany are already commissioning us to install their e-chargers.



Would you like to find out how storage, transport and installation of e-charging stations in car parks and at petrol filling stations works? Based on our partnership with ABB E-mobility Germany, we give you an insight into the challenge, planning and realisation of installing DC charging stations.


Quote: Wolfdietrich Mörgelin

„When selecting our service providers, we attach great importance to safety, sustainability and compliance with ethical standards. Rhenus High Tech is a reliable partner who responds to our requirements and offers us a complete range of services with a single point of contact. In addition to warehousing, this includes professional transport as well as the assembly and installation of chargers.”

Wolfdietrich Mörgelin Head of Operation of ABB E-mobility Germany


kilograms (max.) weight per e-charging station
e-charging stations delivered in 2022
required e-chargers in Germany by 2030*


Before their first assignment, our delivery and installation teams complete a theoretical and practical test lasting several days on sling gear and crane operation. This increases safety and quality of our installation work.

Our services for your electric charging stations

Hauling (pre-carriage)

Whether it’s Flensburg, Dresden, Stuttgart or Düsseldorf: with our nationwide network in Germany, we pick up charging stations directly from the production site or from the supplier, if required, and bring them to the nearest delivery location.

Warehousing and consignment

We take care of central storage of charging units and accessories in our modern multi-user warehouses. In this way, the electric charging stations are protected in the best possible way until they are delivered to your customers and can be picked and delivered on demand.

Preliminary planning

Intense planning prior to installation of electric charging stations is a must. For this purpose, we have set up a central client service that can provide you with the best possible support and information. Moreover, our client service ensures that possible obstacles as well as the ground at the point of use are known in advance. This allows our delivery teams to work particularly efficiently and carry additional equipment such as ground plates, if required.


We deliver electric charging stations both to the front door and to the point of use – on request also after a preliminary inspection to check the conditions on site. Our fleet of special trucks allows for particularly gentle transport, as the interior of the vehicles is padded and the trucks have air suspension. Our lorries are also equipped with powerful hydraulic lifting platforms with a load capacity of up to two tonnes to safely load and unload the charging stations and accessories. In case of delivery to the point of use, we transport the electric charging station up to the foundation.

Assembly and electric installation

After delivery to the point of use, we take care of the installation of the electric charging station on the foundation, if requested. We have professional transport equipment such as gantry cranes (A-Frame) to place the electric charging station safely and precisely. In addition, we avoid additional costs and time losses, as you do not need to involve any other providers of crane equipment. Finally, the units are bolted and anchored to the foundation. Moreover, during installation our assembly teams have already inserted the pre-assembled power cable.


We connect the electric charging stations to the mains with the help of our certified partner and electrical experts. Your advantage: We take care of the coordination of all work from delivery to the function test. In this way, we avoid interfaces and delays on the construction site.

Return management

Electric charging stations have a long service life. If devices are defective or disused, we take care of return handling, if required, dismantle the electric charging station, return the device and exchange it for a replacement charging station.


  • You can rely on a central contact person who is involved in all project steps and receives all relevant information.
  • Our competent client service has in-depth specialist knowledge and releases you from coordination work in the run-up to the installation of electric charging stations.
  • If desired, we can supervise your project from the completion of civil engineering work to commissioning of the devices. This will minimise the number of interfaces involved.


  • We are experienced in reliably completing technically demanding logistics projects.
  • We avoid time delays and risks of failure as we are able to manage the complete project, even extensive roll-outs.
  • In addition to storage, delivery and assembly, we carefully plan the project, which also includes the coordination of required crane technology and electric installations.


  • The installation of electric charging stations requires technical knowledge to deliver them safely and undamaged to the construction site and anchor them to the foundation. We therefore only use experienced employees with technical expertise.
  • Before their first assignment for a project, we train our delivery teams so that they can familiarise themselves with the specific requirements of the particular charging station.
  • We coordinate our training closely with our clients.

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