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Automotive logistics: Smart solutions with Rhenus

We create sustainable and passionate solutions for the entire value-added process of automotive manufacturing: Starting with the sequenced supply of parts, the assembly of ready-to-install modules, right through to the assembly of entire vehicles. It's up to you to decide up to which point we may support you.

Rhenus: Your global automotive partner

The Rhenus Group operates worldwide. We are a recognised partner for precision-timed logistics, module and vehicle assembly. By providing our services at 67 locations worldwide, we support vehicle manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in all of their daily challenges.

Our automotive portfolio

We supply your components to the installation site just in time and assemble your modules and vehicles in sequence. To this end, we also ensure the sustainable implementation of electromobility with regard to battery assembly and disposal.

We have been serving the automotive industry for well over 20 years. And each and every new task has expanded our portfolio. Our employees have continuously developed their skill sets further, resulting in ever larger teams of experts. Today, these teams handle your tasks independently and autonomously.

Not only are we a part of a large, successful family business. We also actually live the concept of family: Each of our employees is proud to be part of the family. We foster the opportunity for further development as well as the courage to make mistakes. After all, these aspects are also important for this journey and lead to innovative developments and improvements.

Automotive production logistics

We firmly believe in integrated goods flows and logistics processes: These include procurement, line supply and distribution.

Assembly services

Our production facilities and assembly processes developed in-house cater to the increasing degree of diversity among modules and vehicles.

Battery management for electric vehicles

We implement warehouse processes, line supply concepts, assembly solutions and recycling services for complex battery systems.

Information logistics

Our production and logistics systems communicate with each other and enable full traceability.

Automotive production logistics

Specialised, customer-specific solutions aimed at providing customers with the right material at the right time in the required quality – this is one of our core areas of expertise.

Assembly services

The complexity of assembly ranges from simple plug connections to the complete assembly of a drive module with engine, transmission, front axle and suspension struts as well as other additional components. We always operate in close proximity to the customer and set up our assembly lines either directly on the customer’s premises or in the immediate vicinity. Transportation is carried out on the basis of scheduled vehicle services or directly via a conveyor connection to the customer’s assembly line.

Battery management for electric vehicles

The development and production of electric vehicles is an elementary step towards meeting the ever increasing environmental demands of society. However, in the event of damage or at the end of their life cycle, the complex battery systems required for this can turn into an environmental burden. This is why we not only assemble battery systems, but also handle the environmentally-friendly recycling process to ensure that the environmental balance is sustainably maintained.

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