You can see an E-Truck.You can see an E-Truck.

Going electric

In May 2019, Rhenus Trucking picked up sustainable momentum on the road to low-CO2 transport. Since then, the Rhenus Group’s vehicle provider has been operating six, fully electric 40-ton trucks.

The vehicles have a range of between 100 and 250 kilometres, depending on the design. This means the e-trucks can be deployed with particular effectiveness in local transport, where they can provide low-emission transport. The amount of carbon dioxide consumed can be decreased by 40 per cent in comparison to diesel trucks, and even up to 90 per cent when using green electricity.

Three different manufacturers – DAF, Framo and E-Force – provide the battery operated trucks to test different models. They are being used to transport containers to the port terminals in Duisburg, Neuss and Emmerich.

The courage to invest in in-house e-fleets has also spread quickly throughout the industry. For example, Rhenus, together with its customers and manufacturer DAF, received the ‘Green Truck Logistic Innovation 2019’ award from specialist publications VerkehrsRundschau and TRUCKER.

Looking to the future, Rhenus Trucking also wants to continue developing its vehicle fleet in an environmentally friendly way and accelerate the process using LNG and CNG trucks, for example.