Rhenus Maritime Services starts cooperation with Wilson shipping company

Rhenus Maritime Services, a member of the Rhenus Group, started a cooperation with the Norwegian shipping company Wilson ASA on 27 October. As part of this cooperation, Wilson is acquiring six ships and will serve some of Rhenus Maritime Services' existing contracts with its fleet in the future. In addition, Wilson will charter several coasters from Rhenus Maritime Services. The cooperation offers both companies several advantages, which include the access of Rhenus to an expanded Wilson fleet as well as an extended trade lane.

"By handing over the technical support and responsibility for the ships to Wilson, we are focusing more on our operational know-how," explains Thomas Ullrich, Managing Director of Rhenus Maritime Services. "Our portfolio will be expanded in future by improved conditions for our customers as a result of the cooperation. In addition, we gain greater flexibility through the availability of more shipping space and larger ship units."

Both contractual partners strengthen their presence in the European short-sea segment through the cooperation. For Wilson, the takeover of exclusive representation in the Finnish Saimaa lake trade opens up a larger catchment area, especially in the Baltic Sea region. Unaffected by the cooperation, Rhenus Maritime Services continues to offer its own liner and niche services with five ships, which connect the Rhine region and the United Kingdom twice per week.